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Apollo 21: A Product Design + Venture Studio Focused on Changingthe Way Businesses Do Business

What Apollo 21 does

Apollo 21 is a product design and venture studio that collaborates with founders and tech-motivated companies to build groundbreaking products and co-create new ventures. In simple terms, Apollo 21 designs and builds new digital products, services, and businesses for clients as well as wholly owned new ventures.

The Current Landscape

With clients ranging from early to growth-stage startups, established financial services organizations, and niche interest sports, Apollo 21 isn’t easily categorized into a specific industry. With that in mind, Apollo 21 is impacted by macro market trends in the same way that other organizations are. For example, the key indicators for growth in new startups — primarily venture capital investment — have slowed considerably in 2023. Recent data indicates that investments are down 38% year over year. This doesn’t necessarily mean that fewer people are creating new startups, but it does make for a competitive landscape that forces founders to focus on driving revenue out of the gate.

Similarly, more established companies seem to be taking a “wait and see” approach before spending money on technology endeavors.. Given the expertise of the Apollo 21 team in helping companies create workflow automations, implement AI solutions, and streamline operations, Apollo 21 is well positioned to help larger organizations through this period of uncertainty.

While there are a litany of technology development companies in the market, the unique differentiator for Apollo 21 is a focus on the business needs behind a given technology effort. Many development companies simply do as their told: “build X.” The team at Apollo 21 is fully capable of “building X” but demonstrates a unique acumen at helping clients both strategically and tactically by focusing on the “why” before diving directly into building new technologies or software. This differentiator pushes Apollo 21 into the business consulting space as well.

Company Birth Story

Apollo 21 started opportunistically. Founder, Danny Nathan, was previously Head of Product for an LA-based video technology company called SEER. When SEER raised capital, one of the contingencies was that the team would help other companies in the investment portfolio solve problems via technology. Danny spent his last year at SEER doing the same work that Apollo 21 does, but specifically for companies within the portfolio. Investors took notice and offered Danny the opportunity to step out and create Apollo 21.

The Solution

Apollo 21 focuses on solving business problems through technology. As a result, the “solution” differs for any given project. The team has built a wide range of applications to suit various business goals and technology needs, including websites, mobile applications, internal data and analytics platforms, AI chatbots based on large language models, and more. The team is constantly striving to find solutions to unique business problems.

Recent Apollo 21 ventures include:

  • Meeting Cost Calculator: A SaaS product designed to give managers and HR teams discrete, data-driven insights into how their teams spend meeting time.

  • Launchpad: A website building service that utilizes a structured process to deliver highly performant, conversion-focused websites for clients in as little as two weeks.

  • Authored: A self-publishing service for authors who want to connect deeply with their readers through content and conversation.

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