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Another Garage Startup: How This TeenBuilt A Soap Empire

What is Handmade Soap Club?

Handmade Soap Club curates the absolute best soap. Made to nourish the skin, with love and 100% essential oils, these luxury soaps take 3-12 months to make: Inspired by chemistry, perfected by Mother Nature. No toxic chemicals!

The Current Landscape

Store-bought soaps not only dry out and irritate your skin, but they're loaded with toxic chemicals. These chemicals are known to cause cancer, infertility, autoimmune disorders, and more. From Parabens and sulfates, to artificial fragrance and colorants; you’re bound to find several toxic ingredients in your supermarket soap.

According to the FDA, “Today there are very few true soaps on the market. Most body cleansers, both liquid and solid, are actually synthetic detergent products... Some of these detergent products are actually marketed as "soap" but are not true soap...”

The soap industry is lacking a variety of truly natural soaps, handmade with 100% essential oils and botanicals. Truly natural soaps must be free of artificial fragrances, colorants, and preservatives.

Company Birth Story

At 13 years old, Lily began saving the world. The US Military showed that quality soap works better than vaccines. The Center for Disease Control says that it saves 1.5 million lives worldwide, annually.

With a chemist dad and a failing math grade, Lily learned the basics of soap making. After weeks of trial and error in her mom's kitchen, she finally calculated the perfect recipe. It was creamy, moisturizing, and best of all, didn’t leave your skin feeling stripped like rubber.

A quick school project quickly turned into an obsession. She set up an Etsy shop, carried boxes of soaps to school, and sent them to everyone she knew. Friends and family became obsessed. The word spread fast.

Handmade Soap Club was born!

The Solution

As a young, award winning entrepreneur and soap maker, Lily takes pride in providing the purest soap to her Soap Club. After intensive research into the cruel world of toxic chemicals, she has dedicated her life to creating an alternative to the drying bricks of chemicals sold in-stores.

Known for their naturally nourishing soap bars and raving 5-star reviews, Handmade Soap Club has been featured in Vanity Fair, Tatler, and Scottsdale Lifestyle.

Handmade Soap Club is dedicated to making truly natural soaps easily accessible, and educating consumers on the dangers of toxic chemicals. You shouldn’t have to chaotically search through shopping aisles, reading ingredients you cannot pronounce.

A Customer Story

Handmade Soap Club has provided thousands of customers with their handmade luxury soaps, changing lives with each bar. See what a customer has to say;

"At 73 and extremely careful of what I put on my body, I have found these soaps to be totally chemically safe... my skin looks amazing, and my husband swears by them, too. I’ve got to say, these are the only soaps we use in our home. When people come visit they always remark about how great they smell and how good their skin feels after washing with Handmade Soap. And it's not another bottle for the landfill! Score!" Jill P

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