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Alexis Jae Jewelry Found the Best Kept Secret

What Alexis Jae Jewelry does

Alexis Jae Jewelry is a direct to consumer fine jewelry company where everything is completely customizable. At Alexis Jae, customers can expect higher quality jewelry while enjoying up to 50% off retail prices.

The Current Landscape

Right now, the main thing impacting the industry is that gold and diamonds are commodities. When investors are bearish on the market, they turn to assets like gold and diamonds. This is driving the price of jewelry up, and they expect this to continue.

Since the price of jewelry is going up, many prominent retailers are lowering the quality of the diamonds they are using. Customers should look out for this. They should check the gold concentration – they never recommend anything less than 14k gold. Customers should also look into the stone quality. They recommend GH SI1 diamonds to make sure your jewelry really sparkles.

Alexis Jae Jewelry Birth Story

Alexis Jae's family has been manufacturing jewelry for 70+ years. Alexis Jae's grandfather started in the pearl business. Alexis's mom joined her out of college. A year and a half ago she left her job in finance to start Alexis Jae Jewerly.

Alexis Jae Jewelry's Solution

Jewelry is a saturated industry. However, Alexis Jae offers differentiated jewelry. At Alexis Jae, you can expect jewelry without the mark-ups. Plus, everything can be customized. Alexis Jae has curated a collection of stables.

Alexis Jae barely advertises. Almost all of their customers find them from word of mouth, making Alexis Jae the best kept jewelry secret.

A Customer Story

Jewelry is often given for a purpose to honor a specific moment. They have countless stories of repurposing loved one jewelry into bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more! It is so special to wear something and think of a loved one.

Alexis Jae works with their customers to find the perfect meaningful gift. For example, a customer was walking his best friend down the aisle at her wedding because her father passed away. Right before the ceremony, he gifted an initial anklet ( , so her dad could be with her every step of the way

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