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Alex Neist is taking The Sand Man’s job Hostage

What Hostage Tape does

Hostage Tape is a sleep company that is part of nightly routines of thousands, it’s improving the quality of sleep by changing the way people breathe. The revolutionary mouth tape keeps your mouth shut while sleeping, sleep studies show this reduces or eliminates snoring, increases oxygen and circulation, and decreases stress and anxiety.

Hostage Tape's Current landscape

The sleep industry is saturated with a lot of the same products, lavender oils, silk pillow cases, etc. Hostage Tape is giving customers a way to solely nasal breath, the scientifically proven solution to better sleep in a way other sleep companies can not. Hostage uses a Liquid Death marketing strategy to stand out which essentially publicizes the company's uniqueness. It is very polarizing, depending on who you ask, they either think it's life-changing or life- threatening. From a holistic perspective, Western culture lacks an understanding of the science of breathing and the positive effects of nose breathing.

Company birth story

The company started with Founder Alex Neist’s personal journey, the most difficult time in his life, health issues, familial problems and more. He recognized it all stemmed from poor sleep and snoring. As a former football quarterback and coach, Neist understands the importance of a good night’s sleep, how easily sleep can be disrupted and the impacts that it can have on your body. Neist created the product through his knowledge of sleep and his passion for health and wellness.

The solution

The company is building the future of health and wellness. Sleep controls everything, your overall health, mood, lifestyle, energy levels, there’s not one part of your life that sleep doesn’t impact. The goal is to make sure everyone gets the best sleep to be their best self. Hostage Tape is the strongest, most comfortable mouth tape on the market. Providing flexible comfort and a firm hold, it was carefully designed to stay put all night without leaving a sticky residue when removed. The medical grade, hypoallergenic tape is made with flexible and breathable woven fabric.

Today, Hostage Tape has twice sold out on orders to U.S. and Canadians and shows no signs of slowing down. They're in the process of expanding their eye masks a.k.a. “Blindfold” and releasing their nose strips.

The team culture

The core of their team is Founder Alex Neist and Co-Founder Benjamin Read, they are committed to sharing the secret to life-changing sleep.

Never Split The Difference, a book by Chris Voss is the foundation of the principles taught to employees. The root of the message links back to emotional intelligence, people want to feel heard and understood and when selling or connecting to someone, this book has tips that are the backbone of successful communication.

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