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AI-Driven Testing with Launchable's ML Test Intelligence

What Launchable Does

Launchable is the only machine learning (ML) driven Test Intelligence Platform, a game-changer for software testing. Launchable shortens wait times for testing, and optimizes CI pipeline efficiency, leading to shipping higher-quality software faster. Through Launchable’s ML, developers can test and find bugs faster, increase commit frequency, and decrease time-to-production.

The Current Landscape

Nearly everything in our society today runs on software but engineers are struggling to meet the rapid demand for quality code. DevOps teams are searching for new ways to increase productivity.

Over the last few years, DevOps teams have discovered that AI can be leveraged to develop data-driven pipelines that can meet the ravenous demands of the market without forgetting quality.

Company Birth Story

In 2019 two friends chatted over chai about the difficulty seemingly every Dev team faced - finding the balance between speed and quality. As developers themselves, they understood the frustration of having your progress halted due to waiting for testing feedback. They knew the core issue was that Devs were not getting the right signals at the right time which slows them down or leads to low-quality code. With this realization, Kohsuke Kawaguchi and Harpreet Singh set out to reimagine software testing.

The Solution

Seeing this new approach to the software development lifecycle Launchable created a dev intelligence platform that accelerates the development feedback loop by solving shipping challenges with data-driven testing insights. Through ML, Launchable optimizes CI pipelines by identifying and running tests with the highest probability of failing and tracking test suite insights to cut wait times.

Launchable’s Predictive Test Selection uses machine learning to streamline your test automation practices and scale to meet the increased pace of software delivery.

1. Cut Costs: Bloated test suites and unnecessary tests can lead to delays and increased infrastructure expenses.

2. Get feedback faster: Getting feedback earlier in the development process optimizes cost and efficiency.

3. Take action on results faster: Instead of sifting through emails or CI, Launchable immediately notifies you which tests failed so you can act.

4. Improve team satisfaction: Providing tools that simplify developers' lives and enhance their performance.

Addressing testing bottlenecks and measuring test suite health are crucial for developers' satisfaction. Launchable provides insightful data on your tests, beyond the standard outputs, to track the health of bottlenecks. Measure test suite entropy and improve developers’ lives with Launchable’s deep insights.

  1. Assessing test result accuracy with Flaky Test Insights.

  2. Identifying longer sessions with Test Session Duration Insights to optimize developer cycle times.

  3. Monitoring test session frequency with Test Session Frequency Insights to identify negative metrics.

  4. Analyzing Test Failure Ratios to detect unstable releases.

  5. Investigating and addressing specific test issues with Unhealthy Tests Insights.

Exceptional developers alone can't rescue bloated test suites that drain time and money. Built by developers for developers, Launchable’s AI eliminates testing bottlenecks and allows for testing earlier and more often paving the way for a superior product and efficiency.

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