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ADTANCE: Pioneering the Future of Digital Customer Service

What ADTANCE does

ADTANCE is a global provider of innovative customer service solutions. Their flagship product, the ADTANCE Smart Service Platform, enables companies to improve customer service, enable remote support and maintenance, visualize machines, and manage digital documentation. Configure a customer portal tailored to the needs and desires of companies.

The Current Landscape

In the current landscape, businesses worldwide are digital customer service solutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, shortage of skilled workers and price competition in the sale of new machines driving a significant increase in the demand for digital service and support systems. Many companies face the challenge of delivering reliable remote support, maintenance, and inspection. While ADTANCE's competitors only offer isolated solutions and no holistic approach, ADTANCE stands out with its fully comprehensive Smart Service Platform, which enables customers to find all the solutions they need in one place and offer them to their customers. Customers have the possibility to create a complete digital customer portal in their corporate design.

Company Birth Story

ADTANCE was founded in 2015 by Sven and Nils Arnold in Germany and today serves customers worldwide with offices in North America and Europe. The brothers recognized a gap in the market for comprehensive and customizable after-sales service solutions and set out to provide companies with the tools they need to deliver superior service remotely.

The Solution

The ADTANCE Smart Service Platform offers companies the possibility to configure their own customer portal with just a few clicks, starting with a central ticketing system and adding further functions such as a spare parts shop, remote support, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and much more. In addition to the Smart Service Platform, ADTANCE offers each software solution as a standalone software module, including ADTANCE Support, ADTANCE Workflow, and modules for parts management, ticketing, visualization and monitoring, document management, and predictive maintenance.

A Customer Story

Evonik Industries AG is a global leader in speciality chemicals and is represented with production facilities in 26 countries. This makes it a challenge to provide the knowledge of experts at locations worldwide and to guarantee fast service. The ADTANCE Smart Service platform enables experts to remotely connect in real time. The platform allows simplified communication between an expert in the head office and an employee in the field, so that the expert can participate in the problem solving process by providing assistance. With ADTANCE Smart Service Evonik reduced their travel costs up to 60%, had up to 60% less down and travel time and increased their support service speed up to 90%.

The Team Culture

The team culture at ADTANCE values innovation, collaboration and customer satisfaction. The company prides itself on its ability to collaboratively develop and optimize solutions to meet the changing needs of its customers. This allows employees to implement and test their own projects and ideas to further improve the software.

A founder quote

Nils Arnold, Co-Founder & CEO of ADTANCE, has said: "Our mission at ADTANCE is to help businesses optimize their after-sales service processes by providing a comprehensive and customizable digital platform. We believe that by empowering businesses with the right tools, we can help them deliver superior service “

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