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A lifelong passion for cooking and the ocean revealsa new product category for cooking seafood

What Five Star Montauk does

Five Star Montauk, a food innovation company, has developed "Glazing Butters " a new product category that makes cooking seafood simple, fun, and more approachable for the busy family. These products also provide options for the public's adoption of more plant-based meals and proteins into their diets.

The Current Landscape

The seafood sauce and flavouring sector of the industry has been stagnant for nearly a century since the creation of companies like Old Bay. Condiments and finishing sauce recreations like tartar and teriyaki types have been the available staple. These sauces are dominated by vinegar, fillers, and sugars which tend to mask the seafood rather than provide a true culinary experience. The main companies that currently live in this space are Braswells, McCormick, and Stonewall Kitchen, but their products do not offer the range and simplicity which Glazing Butters bring to the market.

Company Birth Story

Five Star Montauk was created by Jeff Kudrick whose experiences as a young boy on the docks of Montauk created the foundation of these sauces. These techniques and flavours were introduced to him by chefs working on yachts cruising the world, docked at Montauk Yacht Club. Jeff's life on the docks, the interaction with the people who made their living from the sea, and those who dedicated themselves to its preservation all had an impact on his values and ambition to create products that flavoured people’s food as well as their conversations. These stories are chronicled in his forthcoming book "Steaking Sharks".

The Solution

The primary driver for this product is ease of use. The seafood industry continues to struggle with this as a major obstacle to the wider adoption of seafood as a family meal. Glazing Butters are simple to use. You can put it on and just cook the fish - on electric stoves, in the broiler, or on the grill. Glazing Butters offer versatility. You can add stocks, juices or vegetables and make a pasta sauce, marinades, and dressings, or just use it as a condiment. Most sauces use eggs or chemicals to emulsify and thicken the sauce, but Five Star is unique and uses vegetables. Although new to the industry, the response to the flavour of the Glazing Butters and requests for purchase were overwhelming at the Fancy Food Show in June. Five Star plans to be available online this fall with Bass Pro Shops. "We intend to build on the lifestyle aspect of the sauce and how it can simplify and enhance how people cook, not only seafood and shellfish, but freshwater fish and plant-based proteins as well" say founder Jeff Kudrick.

A founder quote

"We wanted something simple; we go offshore 100 miles to catch the freshest cleanest fish, and all we have is an electric grill and a jar of Glazing Butter, that is all we need!"

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