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A Brief Outlook of Onestop Devshop

What Onestop Devshop Does

Onestop Devshop helps business people and enterprise clients realize their app and/or software objectives. Onestop Devshop has professionals specializing in different technologies like .NET, Angular, Node.JS, React, etc.

The Current Landscape

In the past couple of years, companies in the development industry have had to fast-track their priorities to come up with new business models to help them compete in a rapidly competitive marketplace. The future of application and software development looks bright, with demand for cutting-edge solutions at an all-time high to meet the constantly changing needs.

Company Birth Story

Onestop Devshop is the brainchild of Geordie Wardman, a developer with numerous years of experience. The company has been in operation since 2018.

How Is Onestop Devshop Different from Its Competitors?

Onestop Devshop helps business owners and enterprise clients build their dream app and/or software projects, something the company is still doing to date thanks to its dedicated team of backend and frontend developers, designers, etc. In addition, Onestop Devshop's team is available to start working on a project 48 hours from the first contact.

What Has Onestop Devshop Achieved So Far?

Onestop Devshop has achieved quite a lot, even though it's a relatively young company. Some of the work the company has undertaken include designing and building applications like Fire App, Near Rooms, Profit Drive, Target Solar, Woman Entrepreneur, etc.

What is The Company's Vision?

Onestop Devshop's business model is different from other companies in the industry. Rather than working with the cheapest developers, Onestop Devshop on boards high-quality developers to help them build lean products for their clients. Onestop Devshop's vision is to ensure the success of all its clients by being their software partners.

A Customer Story

One of Onestop Devshop's most prominent clients is Todd Herman, the man behind 'The 90- Day Year Program.' Todd says that Onestop Devshop's CEO is one of the most professional people he has worked with and that Onestop Devshop helped rescue a software project he had started but was costing him tens of thousands of dollars each month. Onestop rescued the project within a short time, saving him a lot of money, time, and effort.

The Team Culture

The core team at Onestop Devshop includes the founder and CEO, Geordie Wardman, and a team of over 40 personnel that's growing by the day. The team at Onestop Devshop prioritizes quality hence why the company offers clients a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is aimed at calming nerves in case a client runs into problems during the first 30 days.

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