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ZOE Space: Pioneering a New Era of Mental Wellness and Performance Enhancement

What ZOE Space does

ZOE Space (Zone of Expansion) uniquely enhances mental clarity and performance through four distinct energetic zones. Each of the current four zones are designed to uplift and support users in various activities, from work to everyday tasks.

The Current Landscape

Amidst a plethora of mental wellness solutions like Headspace and Calm, which often require guided sessions or activities, ZOE Space carves its unique niche. It simplifies the process of mental enhancement: users simply log in to access the energetic zones. No additional steps or guidance needed. This straightforward approach sets ZOE Space apart, offering an innovative alternative to traditional meditation and mindfulness practices.

Company Birth Story

ZOE Space's inception is a tale of serendipity and visionary collaboration. It began with a few profound meetings between Kelle Sparta, a Shaman, and Bethany Londyn a Master Healer and Intuitive Business Strategist. United by a deep ' knowing' that they were destined to create something impactful together, they combined their visions. The idea was sparked by the remarkable results they had achieved with their clients. Londyn received a download to create a space encapsulating their energetic containers, while Sparta envisioned a technology-based solution. Thus the magic of ZOE Space began blending ancient wisdom with modern technology to revolutionize mental wellness and performance.

The Solution

ZOE Space’s innovative approach has shown remarkable effectiveness in elevating users' mood and mental performance. The ultimate vision of ZOE Space is aiming to contribute to world peace. The concept is rooted in the belief that each individual, operating at a higher vibration within a zone, has the potential to positively impact up to 750,000 others, thereby creating a ripple effect of wellbeing and harmony on a global scale.

A Customer Story

ZOE Space's impact is evident in the consistent daily logins of its members. One remarkable story comes from an entrepreneurial who had been struggling for three months with a challenging project. Day one of plugging in to the Accomplishment Zone, she experienced a breakthrough in focus and productivity. This newfound ability to concentrate and progress led her to nearly complete her project within a couple of weeks. Daily access to the zones transformed not just her project, but her approach to work and productivity.

The Team Culture

ZOE Space is a team run by Bethany Londyn and Kelle Sparta who are spirit led and united by a passion deeply committed to fostering world peace, productivity, and performance. This dedication is programmed into every aspect of this thoroughly crafted expansion space and they are so excited it is now live and accessible to all.

A founder quote

“At the core of everything, there is love, and my mission with ZOE Space is to help the world realize and embrace this truth. We're nurturing a global understanding of love as the fundamental force that connects and uplifts us all."

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