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You hate the news, we have a solution

What Politiq does

A non-profit social media company dedicated to political, social, and economic issues. We’re not mining data, not serving ads – just helping you shift through the junk to get the real news and discuss it in a system that rewards thoughtfulness and civility. Sound boring? Then we’re on the right track.

The Current Landscape

Twitter (now X), Facebook are the main forums for politics. If you haven’t noticed, they are a toxic environment to discuss politics. Researchers have also noticed and have concluded that the ad-based business model favors divisive and sensational content. They want you to fight. They want you to be outraged, and part of you likes it. But there is a growing group of people who have had enough of the sensation, the online exhibitionism, the online vitriol, and the 24- hour news cycle. They just want to the facts, they want to know what’s relevant, they want to feel like they are discussion the issues in a room of sane people, and they want help in making an informed political decision.

Company Birth Story

John Khoury wrote Quanology in 2014, a book on evolution and technology. The book explained that male dominance in a modern times is a symptom of a society based on technology. The remedy is for women to play a greater role in governance. Politiq is not specifically aimed at women, but rather an initiative that provides a space for all of us to feel safer in and have the more thoughtful voices raised. The last few years have brought more urgency to the cause, as the political discussions have gotten more extreme and the political institutions have become less trust-worthy than ever.

The Solution

Politiq wants to be the platform that does politics right. Social, safe, integrated with government, and based on an ethical, appropriate business model. It will facilitate online discussions, but also real world actions.

To avoid the pitfalls of the current set of mainstream social media platforms and their-ad-based business model, Politiq is looking to form as a non-profit that charges users for premium use. There are no technical novelties here, just a completely different set of priorities and values.

We ultimately aim to be a new system to run in parallel to the current political system that frustrates us so much.

The platform is:

  • Social – you connect with others (and with government officials and organizations)

  • Integrated with govt data – all your local and national officials are listed

  • Actionable – you can (fake) vote, post, comment, and interact with others

  • Global – what we have planned for the US, we will eventually have for all democracies

  • Free of ads – the site does not partake in the internet’s original sin

  • Only for political, social, and economic issues – vacation pics and self-promotion don’t belong here

The unique features are:

  • Reputation System – do well according to our values and move on up in terms of visibility, posting volume, and other available features

  • Verified – we plan to have all users verified

  • Voting – you can vote once a day on whoever

  • 4 interactions – no more Likes, we have 4 interactions suited to good political discourse

  • Anonymous mode – if you have proven yourself, you can engage Anonymous Mode


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