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World’s First Coffee For Kids, Founded By a 7-year-old

What Kiid Coffee does

Meet Kiid Coffee, the world’s first coffee for kids! But it’s not your typical brew! Kiid Coffee is made with organic 99.9% caffeine-free coffee, cacao, prebiotic fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals, formulated specifically for growing kids. And it’s sugar-free! Kiid Coffee’s founders are a 7-year-old entrepreneur and his father! Their goal is to revolutionize children's nutrition, bringing kids a better- for-you alternative to sugary beverages like chocolate milk and hot cocoa. Beyond that, it’s a routine kids can enjoy alongside their coffee-loving parents.

The Current Landscape

Right now, we are the only coffee product for kids. If you compare us to other kids multivitamins, unfortunately, some of the very important nutrients kids need just taste terrible, even in small quantities. This is particularly true for iron and magnesium. We’re not sure the science, but vanilla flavor specifically helps improve the taste of iron and magnesium. We firmly believe this is the same reason you won’t find these two critical nutrients in almost any kids products, especially ‘kids multivitamins’. If you compare us to other chocolate type drinks, we are a much healthier alternative with real ingredients, no junk and no added sugar.

Company Birth Story

Kiid Coffee is the brainchild of a 7-year-old boy and his father, the idea for Kiid Coffee sprouted from a unique blend of necessity, curiosity, and a dash of childhood mischief. After two leg breaks by the age of 6, the parents of this young founder embarked on a quest for optimal health for their son. What they discovered was troubling: a concerning trend of Vitamin D, calcium, iron, and dietary fiber inadequacy among kids, with potentially serious health consequences. "Our search for better nutrition led us to realize how poor regulations and misleading product claims are creating a huge health problem in our county" says David Sanborn (founder's father). "It’s tough enough getting picky kids to eat, but it’s extremely frustrating when you learn most foods and multivitamins do not actually contain the critical nutrients your kids need."

The Solution

Enter Kiid Coffee, a revolutionary concept that intentionally challenges the status quo. Even the mention of coffee and kids gets parents talking, and that’s exactly what Kiid Coffee hopes to achieve. Skeptical parents have been surprised to learn how water-process decaffeination removes 99.9% of caffeine from coffee, without the use of chemicals. By pairing the freeze-dried decaf coffee with other natural ingredients like cacao and monk fruit, Kiid Coffee has created the ultimate, better-for- you alternative to sugary beverages like chocolate milk and hot cocoa.

A Customer Story

Our children LOVE Kiid Coffee!!

As a mother, I love that our children are able to have their own “coffee” in the mornings AND it’s actually healthy for them! It smells and tastes great! They cannot wait to try all of the flavors!rea more about review content As a mother, I love that our children


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