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Why Pactman is a Yelp for All Nonprofits

What Pactman Does

As of today, Pactman is a comprehensive nonprofit research and marketing platform that facilitates a feedback loop between nonprofits and donors (they are also called pledgers). Donors can write reviews of their experiences at their local Nonprofit whilst Nonprofits can use Pactman to efficiently market and communicate to donors, volunteers, supporters, and the general public the projects and general achievements accomplished.

The Nonprofit Industry Landscape

The nonprofit industry is known for its competitive landscape as organizations seek effective ways to obtain steady funds. Organizations that adopt innovative strategies to expand and market their mission online tend to successfully stand out. Currently Pactman can be described as a Yelp for Nonprofits, and that makes its primary competitor or Yelp (for now), but from our discussions with its Founders, their ambition is much grander: Their goal is to make Pactman a facilitator of donations to impactful nonprofits everywhere.

How Pactman Came to Be

Pactman is a solution created by Pledge Software. Pledge Software was founded by Kolapo Akande and Ifeanyi Enwerem. Pactman came into existence as a result of the frustrations the founders had with using multiple platforms to do one simple thing: donate to new small nonprofits or individual beneficiaries. Oftentimes they found themselves using multiple platforms to research the integrity of potential beneficiaries (nonprofits and individuals) before making donations. They also found that there was no unified solution to make donations across the board. Church on Sunday required one way of giving, whilst the new local pet nonprofit required another way of Giving. The founders goal is to make Pactman a Global Unified Giving Solution, but for now it is a Yelp for Nonprofits.

Pactman: The Solution

Currently, Pactman has extended its tents in the nonprofit space by taking on new nonprofits worldwide (their primary focus is the United States for now though). The goal is to continue to support deserving charitable causes and nonprofits in their efforts to raise the funds necessary to achieve their missions. Using the sophisticated search feature, users can find, select and research a nonprofit from a list of 2.6 million organizations by using any keyword search. Also, nonprofits can use the online software platform to discover other nonprofits for collaboration. Pactman stands out as an all-in- one free tool that can be used by both nonprofits and donors (pledgers). The Pactman Achievements tool can help pledgers stay informed and involved in the activities of charitable organizations. For donors, being able to see nonprofit achievements (and projects) help close the gap between the nonprofits’ need for recurrent donors and the donors’ need for proof that their donations are indeed making a difference.

The Pactman team is dedicated to improving the features of its online platform and is supported by a Microsoft Founders Hub Grant. The team is also a recent graduate of “Seed Spot” (a social impact company accelerator).

Pactman: Quotable Quotes

The founders of Pactman believe that society has not truly deployed capitalism as a tool for solving society's problems, but they hope to do so using Pactman. In the words of the author Dan Pallotta, "We stand on the precipice of a possibility not known to any of our ancestors – a world free of most of the suffering that has plagued humanity since the beginning of time. Our greatest moral question is whether we will make this imagined world a reality”.

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