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Unique Startup on a Mission to Advance Clinical Trial Design

What the company does

Adaptic Health provides a SaaS platform to accelerate clinical development starting with trial design for cancer and rare disease treatments by providing faster collaboration, dynamic literature review, and what-if analysis. This accelerates clinical trial design by up to 6 months with $5 million in cost savings and $50 million of commercial upside.

The Current Landscape

Clinical trials are time-intensive and are becoming more complex as we need to factor in remote approaches, genetic advancements, and how diverse populations respond to treatments.

Competitors tend to take a consulting services approach and focus on the execution phase of trials so are not positioned or aligned with the incentive to facilitate better planning.

Traditionally, the Chief Medical Officer and clinical team may take over 12 months to write out the plan in a several hundred-page document. They need buy-in from internal and external stakeholders like regulators so the PDF doc via email for comments which is inefficient and error prone. This results in not only a loss of $170 billion annually, but also lost lives. COVID trials have reset expectations for acceleration and Congress has recently approved FDA initiatives for rare diseases and innovative trial design make this a great time to introduce this product to market.

Company Birth Story

Luke Stewart was diagnosed with a rare disease with a poor prognosis as a small child. Luke’s doctors indicate in his medical notes that there was a surprising change and experienced a full recovery. He went on to Duke and Stanford Graduate School of Business, which got him to Silicon Valley. He joined several tech companies but pivoted his career when he joined Saama Technologies as their first product manager. Luke launched Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud, which was ultimately used by Pfizer to help accelerate clinical trials for COVID-19.

The Solution

The platform supports Chief Medical Officers at biopharma companies overseeing design of trials while preparing for early FDA meetings before going into pivotal trials. It helps organize the evidence for regulators and other stakeholders to facilitate discussions and feedback for decisions on trial designs that increase chances of success. Adaptic Health targets the traditional process of writing the several hundred-page document and emailing it around for comment by trial summary like schedule of assessments by digitizing it so that collaboration can be accelerated, and this is where we see the 50% time savings. Adaptic also facilitates incorporating innovations in design that could improve study success. Digitizing the workflow makes it much easier to proactively incorporate what-if analysis while streamlining downstream operations for trial execution, patient recruitment, biostatistical analysis and regulatory review.

A Customer Story

“Adaptic Health brings the past into view so you can create the best future for your development program. You also get faster stakeholder buy-in of your plan through the collaborative trial summary.” - A28 Therapeutics

The Team Culture

“The Adaptic Health team has a passion for empowering decision makers to accelerate clinical trials, starting for patients with cancers and rare diseases who still face many unmet needs. Our mission is to create technology that helps manage the clinical development complexity so we deliver safe, effective therapies to patients sooner.”

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