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Trendhub Is Ushering The New Era Of Social Media

What Trendhub does

trendhub is a next-generation survey SaaS solution designed as a social media platform. In a virtual 3D multimedia space, discussions become more visually engaging, contributors are financially rewarded through a decentralized token model, and results are distributed globally in a decentralized manner.

The Current Landscape

Review platforms are plagued by centralization and paid product placements, which undermine ranking authenticity. This issue is prevalent across major websites, including Amazon, where product placements depend on financial incentives rather than genuine feedback, eroding consumer trust.

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok promote rapid scrolling, preventing users from profoundly engaging with content. This leads to superficial interactions, reduced attention spans, and increased stress. Users miss valuable insights and fail to engage thoughtfully, diminishing the quality of their social media activity and experience.

Traditional social media platforms do not give financial rewards to the community led by the influencers, with most of the profits going to the platforms themselves and the platforms remunerating the influencers.

Company Birth Story

The survey platform, originally designed in 2022 by NFTsolution.Network to counteract the declining trust in the NFT market and build transparency, has evolved significantly. Initially focused on NFT art, the platform's automated competition system was expanded to allow creators to host their own competitions. This expansion was necessary due to the sharp decline in the NFT market's volume, requiring a reorientation. Consequently, the survey platform was rebranded as a social media platform and named Trendhub. Voting on trendhub, similar to the 'like' feature on social media, enhances its attractiveness and expands its potential uses.

The Solution

TrendHub offers a decentralized alternative to traditional survey tools by creating community-driven trends, analyzing market data, curating likes and comments, and creating ratings through an algorithm. Unlike conventional platforms, companies on trendhub do not pay for rankings. Instead, real community engagement determines the visibility of products.

trendhub promotes slow social media consumption, allowing users to engage deeply with content and reflect on it. This approach fosters substantial connections and thoughtful engagement, enhancing the quality of interactions on the platform.

By implementing a decentralized, community-driven model, trendhub financially rewards users for their engagement and trend- setting activities. This fosters a more equitable distribution of rewards and encourages impactful interactions and content creation, setting a new standard for social media and review systems.

A founder quote

"trendhub is changing the way we interact with ratings, surveys, and discussions," states Oliver Meyer, CEO of trendhub and NFTsolution.Network." Our 3D multimedia platform enhances user engagement and comprehension during trend discussions. We incentivize participation by rewarding users for their trendsetting abilities, boosting interactions between content creators and the community.

Our motto, ‘Creating Trends Together,’ means that the community sets the trends rather than an elite group of financially dependent people agreeing centrally. In this way, trendhub supports the ethical values ​​of the WEB3 generation.

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