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Transforming State Governments, Everblue Moves Licensure Services Online

What the company does?

Founded by U.S. Army veterans and brothers, Jon and Chris Boggiano, Everblue started as a training company focused on emerging technology fields. The company is now leveraging its experience in the online learning industry to digitize certification and licensure exams for state government agencies.

The Current Landscape

Prior to COVID-19, many state governments were issuing certification and licensure via paper-based exams with in-person proctoring. Lockdowns crushed the revenue models that these departments depended on, forcing them to adapt. Many agencies had to scramble during the pandemic to come up with a way to administer and proctor their exams. They turned to Google, looking for "online exam proctoring." While other companies offer that one service, Everblue provides a full digitization and automation workflow that takes a candidate from exam registration to enrollment to identity verification to testing to proctoring to scoring to reporting - without state employees having to lift a finger.

Company Birth Story

Jon and Chris founded Everblue after serving overseas with the U.S. Army. Having been stationed in Germany and deployed to Iraq and Kosovo, the brothers became aware of the broken energy policy in the United States. It became their mission to help fix the problem after they left active duty. Coming from the military and with engineering backgrounds, the Boggianos realized that they could have the largest impact by training people about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability. They founded Everblue to help change the way people think about the world. To this day, Everblue is a mission-driven company that uses technology and innovative thinking to solve real problems in the world.

The Solution

What customers love about Everblue is that they are willing to do all the heavy lifting on behalf of their client. Whether it's an all-inclusive exam prep training package or an end-to-end online exam delivery system, Everblue's intent is to make life easier. And that even includes providing customer service and troubleshooting to a state agency’s test-takers. Put simply, Everblue creates a better test-taking experience -- for the government, Everblue removes the hassle of someone manually grading thousands of paper-based exams; for the candidate, Everblue provides instant access to its secure online testing portal, so there's no need to schedule an exam appointment or travel to an in-person testing center. State-issued certification and licensure has now become a convenient and efficient process.

A Customer Story

“During my tenure as Licensing & Certification Supervisor for the TN Department of Agriculture, I had the opportunity to review a number of software vendors offering online testing. Everblue stands out among the crowd,” said Phil Hurst. “The Everblue platform was simple and easy to work with. They really know their product and got our exams up and running faster than other competitors forecasted. Compared to other vendors, the things that stood out about Everblue were that they were great communicators, fast, and competent. Best of all, they perform these things on timelines without delays. Experiences with other vendors often resulted in unreturned emails or phone calls, let alone solve any problems in a timely manner. Everblue is a great organization full of smart, honest, and hardworking people. I highly recommend working with them.”

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