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Transforming SME Software Choices and Pioneering a New Era for Startups

What No code District does

In the heart of London, a new startup is turning the traditional software selection process on its head, giving small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) the power to choose and customize their in- house tech solutions, and supporting founders to build the next big Tech Startup.

Meet No-Code District, a company on a mission to build the next generation of disruptive tech startups using no-code, low-code, and AI technologies.

No-Code District is dedicated to accelerating new tech ventures. Leveraging the power of no-code and low-code platforms, alongside AI, they provide a rapid and cost-effective way for non-technical founders and SMEs to bring their ideas to life.

The Current Landscape

The tech industry is rife with challenges. Many non-technical founders struggle to find tech co-founders, who are often absorbed by large corporations. Funding remains elusive without a tangible product, and the potential of no-code solutions often goes unrecognized. SMEs face their own set of issues, heavily relying on third-party software to manage their operations. However, companies that leverage no-code and low-code solutions for internal tools can reduce software costs by up to 40% annually. These tools also enable more efficient testing, deployment, and creation of specialized industry solutions.

No-Code District stands out by providing the necessary expertise and support to utilize these platforms positioning itself as a key player in this transformative industry.

Company Birth Story

The journey of No-Code District began with Samuel Pedro, an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in digital products, marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship. He has founded seven ventures and advised over 100 companies. His diverse background includes roles as a national team athlete in Greco-Roman wrestling, a national team assistant coach, and a professor/ researcher focusing on social impact and underrepresented minorities in entrepreneurship.

The Solution

A year and a half ago, Samuel relocated from Lisbon to London and launched No-Code District. Within four months, the company had already formed strategic partnerships with The Startup Events London, aimed at fostering the growth of the UK startup ecosystem.

A Customer Story

One notable project includes the development of a disruptive training chatbot on WhatsApp for a US-based hospitality company. The company is also preparing to launch the world's first no-code venture and investment studio. This ambitious initiative underscores their commitment to driving innovation and providing scalable solutions for startups and SMEs alike.

The Team Culture

Currently, No-Code District's operations are spearheaded by Samuel, supported by a global network of developers, designers, project and product managers, and strategists who ensure the delivery of world- class solutions.

A founder quote

Samuel believes that "We are in a new era where no-code and AI, combined, will greatly shape the future of tech consumers, business processes, and value-led solutions at super-fast speeds." This approach positions No-Code District as a trailblazer in the tech industry, empowering SMEs and non-technical founders to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

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