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The upside down world of Creators; Time to fix it in

What the company does?

Imagine a world where you don’t have to run back to your setup to render a small change. A world where you could edit and create videos whenever, wherever and with whoever you want. (which is pronounced \postudio; the dot is silent) is an online, on-demand, pro-level creative studio for everyone. It makes post-production life easier for creators, allowing them to edit, design, create and collaborate online. All that’s required is an internet connection and a browser. aims to make the industry more affordable and accessible to all these brilliant, artistic minds.

The Current Landscape

The current creative scene is pricey. Creating digital art is expensive, requiring the purchase of a not-so-pocket-friendly software license on a fairly high-priced setup. All the industry-favourite tools demand it. This deprives individual potential creators from growing. On the other hand in case of enterprises, the on-premise infrastructure is hardwired, and the configuration is rigid and expensive, making it difficult to scale up or down based on a project’s needs.

There is a big void in the market for an optimized post-production platform, one that covers the end-to-end of the post-production process with the best industry-grade tools, on the cloud. is pioneering this revolution by offering hardware, software, plugins and collaborative storage to creators, completely on-demand.

Company Birth Story

The genesis of stemmed from necessity. The team behind includes industry experts trying to circumvent the current post-production scene. The team believes that talent sprouts in abundance when resources are fairly distributed amongst everyone. And that’s what they aim to do.

They pack decades of experience in pioneering technology-first initiatives in top media companies and OTT platforms like Star TV Network and Disney+ Hotstar and building a successful MediaTech start-up. Having seen and been part of the creative space for years, they decided to, as they say, “fix it in” and unlock a whole new world of creativity.

The Solution provides creators with an on-demand superpower. This means that based on the project they’re working on, a cloud system that fulfils their requirements can be rented. All they’d need is an internet connection and a browser. If a creator needs a system with a 64-core CPU, NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and 128 GB RAM to create a 3D animation video, they’ve got it. They can book that system for however long they need to. And that system comes with the software they need to work on, whether it’s After Effects, Blender or Unreal Engine. The environment is set up for them, and they’d only have to pay for their time on the system and nothing else. They can also collaborate with anyone remotely on the same platform and project. It’s an elegant solution. A pro-level virtual studio for creators, by creators.

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