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The Taurus and SW Brand and How It Came About

What is Taurus Marketing ?

Sharon Williams, CEO/Founder of integrated Marketing Strategy, PR & Communications agency, Taurus Marketing

About Sharon Williams:

By way of background: Sharon is a personal branding expert and regular speaker to universities, graduates, experts and even high calibre CEO’s. She was the first to launch her own trademarked and award winning personal branding offering, TaurusProfile™.  Sharon is well placed to speak or contribute to this topic, particularly as someone who has been in business for 25 years. She’s lived through a number of crises and even in the darkest moments has come out the other side. She has seen these moments as opportunities to strengthen focus, tenacity and of course the key is - to never give up – values which helped shape Taurus today.

Company Birth Story

When Taurus was founded over 27 years ago the brand stood for tenacity, loyalty, stubborn and never give up – all core values needed in today’s crazy and unstable world.  Since then, the business has grown and the CEO personal brand and company brand have become intertwined. The core values reflecting off and mirroring each other.

Those years have bought many insights and plenty of ups and downs.

With the current pressures of the skills shortage, great resignation and trying to get teams back into the office, what has become clear is that leaders who can stay level headed, emphasize clarity, motivate a team, act decisively and quickly amidst uncertainty and risk are better placed for the future and for reinvention.

This is not a time to put your head in the sand. Even if you’re operating on full staff, normal hours and no job cuts, it’s not business as usual. Transparency with your team and constant updates will help keep them motivated and on track. Transparency and simplicity cut through.

While planning your next steps, leaders would bode well to take a “no bull”, action oriented and outcomes based philosophy.  Now is the time to avoid complacency and look forward not back at the way things used to be done.

Company/Team Culture

Now more than ever it’s about promoting flexibility and re-imagining team roles to keep business afloat and keep staff in their roles.  


It’s about re-skilling, cross training and getting the team prepared and ready for the next stage of what started as a health pandemic but is now fundamentally a business continuity and reinvention challenge. 


Success will depend on you and your team’s ability to constantly adjust to a changing environment, counter competitive employment offers, and build an attractive future.  


In conversation with Taurus client CEO’s and peer groups, it is clear this modern global crisis has created devastation and change for many brands BUT the upside is, we are being provided with endless new opportunities IF we focus.

Opportunities and change for the better and for the foreseeable future.

As CEO of Taurus for over 27 years, I am seeing encouraging change. Companies, leaders and teams are being challenged to operate very differently.  


One emerging trend, is that we as leaders, if they do it well, are uniting more closely with their teams than ever before.   


Now is absolutely the time to revisit internal communication and staff expectations to stay ahead, share strategy and move away from how things used to be done by reviewing your team game plan.   


Constructive and healthy change is here to stay and you can drive it.  


Successful teams today, should not be about what’s owed, what’s been forfeited, or what they do ONLY because it’s listed in their pre-COVID-19 job description. Just as leaders have been asked to care and show empathy on an unprecedented scale, teams and their job descriptions are up for reinvention.  


It has never been more acutely about being respected, thanked and being part of an inspiring story that will get them ahead in their life trajectory – whatever that future career path is framing up to be.  


Teams in corporates large and small, if you have leadership working well, are searching for a vision and a reason for getting up - and then turning up.  


As leaders, they can take a moment to re-evaluate everything they’ve ever believed was the norm and that same premise extends to our teams.  


It is a call to arms.  


If there really is no effect for your company or your team, it would be rare to escape an impact across your suppliers or your clients.  


No industry has been left completely unaffected. Every industry has required staff to adapt, reinvent and look to what has been coined - the new normal. 


Teams who are going to pull their company through this, under good leadership, will forget what was listed in their job descriptions and instead look at what needs to be done. As a collective, if leadership is communicating well, the company and its teams will buckle down to transform and get through this extraordinary and unprecedented period and be better for it.  


The new normal culture needs outcome and results driven team members. Staff who are focussed on the end game because they are eager for themselves and the company to succeed. They are searching actively with management to find the best, fastest and most cost-effective way forward and digging deep into re-skilling each day to extend what they thought was possible and create new ways of doing things. Gone are the silos of pre- COVID-19. 


Have you ever seen that in a job description? Not quite. Not so explicitly. 


The flexible, accommodating, adaptable, resourceful, creative thinking, forward thinking team member able to see around corners is more tricky to outline in a traditional job description model. 


Good team members want to be motivated, inspired, challenged and be exposed to the smartest, cleverest way of operating so they will be in the best position to establish and accelerate their career.  


Surrounded by inspiring leadership, they can be trained, given ownership, provided space and freedom to innovate and create new models and new ways of delivering customer needs.  


How will that look in the job descriptions and team structures of the future? It may be timely to take a look at this now. 


Traditional Job descriptions will be thrown out of the window as new criteria is determined to deliver greater: 


Speed, creativity, accountability, wisdom, design thinking, future thinking, greater outcomes, flexibility, adaptability, innovation, shareholder value, commitment and change. 


Having been in business for 27 years, there have been a world of learnings. Those in business for a long term have experience and history to call upon and will have the wisdom to take their younger (and mature) teams through and onwards in the journey and build confidence to deal with quick change and creative thinking.  


It doesn’t mean these new job descriptions and team structures have no success criteria, quite the opposite, but the job descriptions of the past will certainly have to be reinvented to a much more outcomes based and transparent new normal. As well as being shorter! Because we now have less time.

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