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The hiring intelligence startup creating equity and efficiency one industry at a time

What Suited does

Suited’s hiring intelligence delivers an independent evaluation of candidate potential using objective, relevant data and predictive analytics. Using human psychology and machine learning, finance and law firms in the Suited network are able to understand the true, unbiased drivers of success and reveal the candidate qualities essential to accurate and equitable hiring.

Suited's Current Landscape

Companies across all industries are looking for better ways to hire. To some, that means improving quality of hire, time to hire, longevity of hire, or DE&I. Companies like pymetrics and Plum seek to help large enterprises hire and retain talent using pre-employment testing and psychometric data. However, what is lacking across the marketplace is a highly nuanced, industry-specific approach to building out these solutions. What it takes to be a successful investment banker is different from what it takes to be a successful lawyer. Additionally, there are many different definitions of what a successful banker or lawyer could be. Suited takes an industry-specific approach to building out assessments and their accompanying AI, allowing for unmatched dimensionality.

Suited’s Birth Stor

In 2017, a team of investment bankers realized they needed a better way to recruit new talent. High volume applications and competitive recruiting timelines made it impossible to effectively consider every candidate. They were forced to focus their efforts on a small portion of the talent landscape, only considering candidates from “target” schools with the “right” credentials. Resumes and interviews provided little insight into the things they really wanted to know — will this candidate be a high performer, a culture-add, and a long-time contributor? So, they built Suited to address these challenges and inefficiencies in the professional services industries at large. Now, finance and law firms rely on Suited to predict the potential of early-career candidates, without bias.

The Solution

Suited’s immediate goal is to advance a new, unbiased hiring standard that enables firms to expand the way they identify and consider talent, and to provide candidates a holistic way to demonstrate their full potential.

Suited uses IOP-backed assessments and machine learning to help firms make fair and accurate hiring decisions. Firms work with Suited to create a bespoke AI-hiring model that looks for all the unique ways a candidate could be successful at a particular firm. According to Suited’s data, traditional criteria such as GPA and academic background do not accurately predict a candidate’s future success or tenure. Instead, they look for traits that predict high performance and engagement, and match firms with candidates that have a high likelihood of success. The AI is trained to systematically remove unconscious bias by only measuring relevant factors proven to be predictive of on-the-job success.

Suited’s predictive models are 10-20x more accurate than a standard resume screening, allowing firms to equitably identify high potential candidates instantly at the top of the recruiting funnel.

A Customer Story

Suited looks to shine a light on the most promising candidates so that the right firms fairly see their full potential. “I thought there was a slim to no chance I could break into investment banking, especially because I go to a non-target school,” said one Suited candidate. “Suited provided me with an opportunity to present myself as a unique and qualified candidate, not just another resume with finance club experience.”

A founder quote

“Our goal is to champion a world where professional opportunity and successes are independent of inherited chance and imposed circumstance.” – Matt Spencer, Co-founder and CEO of Suited

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