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The EU Data Startup that Will Revolutionize Medical Research

What the company does?

Data Lake is creating a global medical data donation system based on blockchain

technology. Their system empowers people to give or revoke consent to the usage of their medical data in a safe, easy and private way, while providing large data sets that revolutionise scientific research and medical studies.

The Current Landscape

As of this writing there is no international medical data donation scheme. Additionally, the other players in the space only include data buyers and data suppliers in their model, cutting out those who are actually donating their data from the data economy entirely. Data Lake is the first company seeking to fulfil the EU’s recent call for altruistic data companies to empower innovation through ethically leveraging data.

Company Birth Story

Data Lake was founded in Poland by three medical doctors who saw the desperate need for high-quality and unbiased medical data for researchers to find cures for diseases and power ethical AI algorithms for medical research. They quickly received EU funding for their idea, as well as attracting top advisors and investors from the medtech community. The startup quickly gained interest and accolades, and was recently included in the list of Top Disruptors in Healthcare during the AI in Health conference held in Warsaw.

The Solution

The Data Lake system goes far beyond the exchange of medical data. It provides Data Donors with a transparent way to consent and withdraw consent to the usage of their medical data by third-parties. Additionally Data Lake is doing something unique, in that they are providing all stakeholders with a way to participate in the rewards of sharing medical data. Existing systems typically only involve data buyers and data providers - instead their system allows Data Donors to participate in the data economy, and share in the tangible rewards of medical data exchange.

The Team Culture

The core team of Data Lake includes medical doctors and thought-leaders in the MedTech, AI in Healthcare, and Blockchain worlds. They all found themselves at Data Lake for one common purpose: each team member believes that technology and data have near-unlimited potential to improve humanity and push it towards beneficial scientific progress.

A founder quote

“The Data Lake system has the potential to revolutionise medical research. That may seem like a grandiose statement, but the keys to curing diseases and unlocking new kinds of treatments are hidden within our medical data. What we’re building will help ethically and anonymously unlock access to this data, and fuel a new wave of medical and scientific progress!”

Wojciech Sierocki, MD - Co-Founder of Data Lake

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