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The AI Voice Cloner That's the App Store for Human Voices

What does is an AI voice changer that allows users to synthetically change their voice in real-time and choose from 1000s of voices, celebrity, cartoon, politician or game characters - all of which have been created by the community and work with hundreds of apps and platforms.

The Current Landscape

The AI voice changing industry is a rapidly growing field, with new companies and technologies emerging regularly. While there are some competitors offering voice changing technology, is firstly free instead of incurring high costs and has an inherently more accurate speech to speech similarity.

Additionally, many larger technology companies, such as Google and Amazon, also offer AI voice changing services through their virtual assistants (Google Assistant and Alexa) and speech synthesis API's (Google Text-to-Speech and Amazon Polly).

Company Birth Story

Built around a team of long-standing pioneers in the arena of synthetic voice technology, is revolutionizing the way we communicate through voice online. Led by CEO & Founder, Heath Ahrens, the core team built the very first cloud based text-to-speech (TTS) software in 2007 before tackling the potentially fatal issue of distracted driving with in 2009.Always at the forefront of innovation, the team developed iSpeech Home, which was the 2011 precursor to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and the predecessor of Siri and the Google Assistant. They also released the first consumer app to incorporate voice cloning technology in 2012, successfully launching it at TechCrunch Disrupt. After several years of developing apps in other areas of AI including image-recognition and avatar creation, the team has come back to their roots to fundamentally up-end the voice tech space.

The Solution’s mission is to democratize access to AI technology, empower collaborative creativity and allow communities to redefine how people express themselves through audio, together. believes AI should be accessible, it should be open to everyone and it should be fun.

The first of its kind in the voice technology space, enables people to contribute their computing so that others can access that computing - in turn, granting everyone access to create new voices with machine learning for free.

By enabling anyone to contribute their own computing power, aims to democratize access to artificial intelligence and empower collaborative creativity in the field of voice technology.

A Customer Story

A percentage of users adopt the technology to deliberately change the gender of their voice online, members of the trans community who feel that they can truly express who they feel they are and experiment with different voices to create their sound identity. It is also a tool empowering the transgender community to use their desired voice without voice training or medical intervention.

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