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Storytailors Launches Groundbreaking AI-Powered Video Production Services

What Storytailors Does

Storytailors combines human creative experience with AI and licensed and client provided content to deliver professional marketing videos that inspire action—without the high studio costs.

The Current Landscape

AI text-to-video is revolutionizing the Video, Film and Advertising industry. However, the quality of text-to-video advertising is not yet there. Storytailors brings in 25 years of creative experience producing ads and merges that creativity with AI to produce ads that look great.

Company Birth Story

Thirty years after the founding of AG Films, a company steeped in film and advertising production, James observed the rise of artificial intelligence in video creation. Initially, he experimented with various text-to-video services, but the results fell short of his expectations. This led James to an epiphany: there was a unique opportunity to merge the creative talent accumulated over the years with the burgeoning power of AI.

Acting on this insight, he produced several videos for a friend, which unexpectedly ignited a surge in demand. Encouraged by this response, James joined Keven (with his 15 years Marketing experience) and together they invested three months in branding and developing the website for their new venture, Storytailors.

The journey from the inception of AG Films to the launch of Storytailors has been extraordinary, illustrating the potential of combining human creativity with artificial intelligence to meet the evolving demands of the video production market.

The Solution

Storytailors envisions harnessing the synergistic potential of artificial intelligence and human creativity to revolutionize video production. Our mission is to significantly reduce costs while maintaining high-quality outputs. We are committed to pioneering innovative solutions that bridge the gap between cutting- edge technology and artistic expression, ensuring that advanced video production becomes accessible and affordable for all.

A Customer Story

Dan Adamson of City Wildlife Control from Ontairio Canada said, "The video was incredible; it felt like an invisible film crew brought our vision to life in just one weekend." Dan just can’t stop watching and sharing his video. Before stumbling across storytailors video production was just out of budget and to complicated to consider.

The Team Culture

James Dubec (CEO, Portugal and Kevin Mullins (Head of Stradegy, Ireland) along with our creative team spread across the globe. We care about bringing every clients vision to video making them happy one video at a time.

A founder quote

AI won’t put people out of business, People using AI will put people out of Business.

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