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Revolutionizing Mental Health, Life Coaching, and Allied Health Care:TheraPay Now

What TheraPay does

TheraPay Now revolutionizes wellness care with flexible 'Heal Now, Pay Later'; options and subscriptions for therapy, life coaching, and allied healthcare. It eases access to vital services, allowing immediate care with manageable payments, and broadening access to diverse health resources through a user-friendly platform for clients and professionals.

The Current Landscape

TheraPay Now stands out in the mental health, life coaching, and allied healthcare industries by offering specialized 'Heal Now, Pay Later' options and subscriptions, unlike competitors like Care Credit, Affirm, and Klarna, which focus more broadly on healthcare and retail financing. This focus on the unique financial needs of clients in mental health and wellness services sets TheraPay Now apart, underscoring its commitment to improving accessibility and affordability in these specific sectors.

Company Birth Story

In her private practice, Dr. Domonique Rice, a seasoned marriage and family therapist, consistently encountered the high cost and inaccessibility of therapy for many couples. Recognizing this, especially when clients hesitated or declined therapy due to financial constraints, Dr. Rice, with her extensive mental health and administrative leadership experience, identified the need for more flexible healthcare payment options. Committed to making mental health services universally accessible, she developed TheraPay Now. This innovative platform offers 'Heal Now, Pay Later' and various subscription models, significantly reducing the financial barriers to therapy. TheraPay Now stands as a major accomplishment in Dr. Rice's career, translating her empathy and understanding into a practical solution, enabling individuals and families to access mental health care affordable and stress-free.

The Solution

TheraPay Now is creating a financial bridge to access mental health, life coaching, and allied healthcare fields, setting itself apart from general financial services like Care Credit, Klarna, Affirm, and Zip Pay. Focused specifically on the unique financial demands of the mental health and wellness sectors, its 'Heal Now, Pay Later' and subscription models are tailored to the intricacies of therapy and related services. This specialization makes TheraPay Now a highly relevant and accessible solution for both clients and providers, offering a level of flexibility not seen in its competitors.

The platform's evolution is propelled by strategic partnerships and mentorship programs. Collaboration with The University of Akron's Research Foundation- Starting Line Program has provided vital research support and industry knowledge, aiding TheraPay Now's growth. Additionally, guidance and networking opportunities have been garnered through mentorships with the SCORE mentor program and partnerships with JumpStart Inc. TheraPay Now's essence extends beyond mere financial solutions; it's about creating an inclusive, accessible mental healthcare landscape. Firmly believing that financial barriers shouldn't limit access to quality mental health care, TheraPay Now stands as a pivotal force in advocating for universal mental wellness accessibility.

A founder quote

TheraPay Now is committed to breaking down financial barriers in mental health care, making it accessible and affordable for everyone. We're changing the narrative, ensuring that cost never stands in the way of wellness." - Dr. Domonique Rice, IMFT-S, Founder of TheraPay Now

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