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Revolutionizing Content Creation: Audience-Powered Content Creation

What Talenzy does

Talenzy is revolutionizing content creation by introducing a gamified platform that integrates audience participation directly into the creative process, enabling content monetization and enhanced engagement.

The Current Landscape

The creator economy, valued at $250 billion, according to Goldman Sachs faces challenges in monetizing pre-release content and meeting audience expectations. Talenzy stands out among competitors like Patreon, OnlyFans, by offering a unique active gamified model of consumption

Company Birth Story

In the quietude of the COVID-19 pandemic, the founder turned to writing a science fiction novel for a creative escape and to solicit feedback from potential readers. This collaborative effort marked the beginning of Talenzy. By 2022, amidst a relocation to Yerevan, Armenia, due to geopolitical shifts, the founder's integration into the tech community set the stage for Talenzy's inception. Engagements in Armenia with Sasha, Kirill, and Paul— each facing their unique challenges in content creation, systems and software engineering, and product development — laid the foundation for what Talenzy would become.

The Solution

Talenzy transforms content creation through a collaborative process where creators engage audiences, who subscribe and vote on content elements. This feedback shapes personalized content, leading to uniquely customized experiences for subscribers, enhancing engagement and monetization in the creator economy.

A Customer Story

During the initial development of Talenzy's MVP, subscribers' eagerness to participate in the creative process with their favorite authors led them to navigate the complexities of installing MetaMask and managing gas fees. This early commitment to collaboration was a testament to the platform's potential. Nowadays, the convenience of Stripe payments and straightforward login methods has made the experience more user-friendly, but the initial enthusiasm of those pioneer users remains a fond memory and a clear indicator of the platform's impact.

The Team Culture

Talenzy is driven by a diverse and visionary team. CEO Karen Shagoian, CTO Kirill Kiryanov, Product Advisor Paul Zgordan (CEO of Mubert), and Advisor Philip Green, with his extensive experience in high-growth tech businesses, including roles as the former CFO of Deliveroo, Amazon EMEA, and Groupon EMEA, collectively embody the spirit of innovation and dedication to community that defines Talenzy. Their shared commitment to transforming content creation and consumption underscores the collaborative ethos at the heart of Talenzy's mission.

A founder quote

"By empowering the audience to participate directly in the creative process, we're not just changing how content is made; we're transforming how it's consumed and valued." - Karen Shagoian

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