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Remote Rebellion: Pioneer redefining the era of “Work-from-Anywhere"

What Remote Rebellion does

Remote Rebellion enables people to live life with freedom and flexibility getting a remote job that suits the life they design.

The Current Landscape

The remote work landscape has been evolving rapidly due to the global shift towards remote and hybrid work models. But in the last year, companies have started calling their employees to return to the offices.

Company Birth Story

Michelle, the founder of Remote Rebellion worked as a recruiter in London.

Then, in 2020, like a lot of others, she was forced to work 100% remote. She loved it and used the opporutnity to escape to Bali to work remotely from there whilst the office she worked at in London was closed.

Then, in June 2021, the call from her boss came to return to the office. She felt sick. She was so much happier now and really didn’t want to go back to city life in London.

So she quit her job so she could stay in Bali!

But she realised how much harder it was to get a fully remote jobwith a company that doesn’t care where you work from.

And the solution was, approaching the remote job search differently by switching tactics, and in a couple of weeks she got two freelance roles recruiting for remote first startups.

But it made her think… “If I struggled, then there are others without my recruitment expertise and network that are struggling too. And I can help them!”

So, she spent months gathering all the insights from 7 years as a recruiter and put all the resources together to share with others- The Remote Rebellion was born!

The Solution

Remote Rebellion helps senior professionals to land a fully remote job that aligns with their values, much faster, with the Remote Job Academy.

This is a programme designed by a recruiter with 9+ years of experience who has been in the hiring seat at remote first organisations and knows exactly what it is they’re looking for and how to stand out amongst the competition.Remote Rebellion helps senior professionals to land a fully remote job that aligns with their values, much faster, with the Remote Job Academy.

Remote Rebellion has enabled hundreds of people from 30+ different countries to get real freedom and flexibility in their lives!

It’s RR’s mission to contribute to a world with happier people that have fewer regrets- who put life before their job.

A Customer Story

Seth had been looking for a remote job for almost a year. He wanted to move into a security analyst role after finishing his masters, but despite over 200 applications he couldnt get someone to give him a chance. His dream was to work from Bali, but he had had around 10 interviews and was struggling to stay positive when they kept picking someone else. He used to get super nervous and was really insecure when interviewing. After joining the programme he worked on exactly what it was he was looking for and how to apply to stand out and he gained more confidence. After a few weeks he got the first job he applied for and he’s now in his dream job and since moved to Barcelona to be with his partner!

The Team Culture

Most of us haven’t met in person and we don’t need to be in the same time zone- in fact we’re across 4 continents!

We value flexibility, empathy, community and most of all freedom

A founder quote

2020 changed the world forever. Some are trying to go back to ‘status quo’, pretending like we haven’t had a taste of a better life and demanding people return to the office.

Remote work isn’t just about being able to travel, it’s about opening opportunities to those with disabilities, parents, carers and for enabling us to design a life that we’re happy with and not once dictated by a job.

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