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Reimagining IT with AI

What the company does

Nine Minds is an AI company bringing solutions to businesses everywhere. Currently focused on the Managed Service Provider (MSP) sector, Nine Minds combines the expertise of humans with artificial intelligence to create a more efficient workplace that IT professionals can enjoy.

The Current Landscape

A major issue MSPs face is the challenge of efficiently managing a substantial volume of help desk tickets. This pattern has been challenging to overcome without increasing staff size and company expenditure.

To keep up with the overwhelming influx of tickets, support teams have been forced to overwork themselves. IT technicians dealing with ticket overflow face stress, burnout, and other mental blocks that contribute to low team morale, poor customer service, and lower MSP success.

AI companies are on the rise, and a subgroup of them are targeting MSPs. However, most of these companies do not make it easy for MSPs to use their tools - often requiring them to switch PSA platforms and re-learn parts of their jobs.

Company Birth Story

Nine Minds was founded in 2023 by Robert Isaacs, CEO. After dedicating 16 years as the Chief Software Architect at a major PSA platform, Robert decided to start a company of his own with a single goal: make things easier for IT technicians.

After attaining a private investment, their first product, Alga, was developed. Alga provides AI assistance to IT technicians right in their own PSA platform. Alga also offers an external chat interface so technicians can “chat with their data”.

Robert quickly realized that there was an even bigger need in the up and coming AI industry: Customized AI models for companies that did not have the time, expertise, or resources to create their own.

Development for additional AI systems in other industries began in late 2023. Nine Minds continues to explore new industries to enter as they begin their second year of operations.

The Solution

Alga is an AI-powered extension designed to streamline IT service management. Currently compatible with select PSA platforms, it offers immediate benefits without a complex onboarding process. Alga provides summarization and categorization of service tickets, generates titles, provides real-time resolution advice, and crafts client-ready responses. Its advanced version, Alga Pro, offers an open-ended chat interface that delivers insights from historical tickets using cognitive searches. It allows users to query past tickets by various parameters and retrieve any details about any ticket.

Distinct from many competitors, Nine Minds builds its AI models in-house, focusing on data security and industry-specific needs. Trained on thousands of real IT service tickets, these models are finely tuned for MSPs, eliminating the need for costly, complex software.

Since its launch, Nine Minds has gained traction among MSPs and IT teams, showcasing its capabilities at IT conferences through hands-on demos. The company aims to simplify the management of service tickets by consolidating ticket data across platforms into one accessible, user-friendly interface. This innovation seeks to significantly ease the workload of IT technicians.

A founder quote

"We can't control the future, but we can be part of it" - Robert Isaacs, CEO/Founder of Nine Minds.

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