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Qebot’s WebOS is Here to Move You Beyond the Antiquated Browser

What Qebot does

How many browser tabs are open on your computer right now? Are you lost in a sea of browser tabs? Worried about internet security and threats to your personal information? Bombarded with ads because your browser keeps selling your info to the highest bidder. Meet WebOS. A new web operating system built by the team at Qebot to solve these problems and change the way you use the internet for good.

Qebot's Current Landscape

Qebot WebOS is the evolution of the browser. The major players like Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Apple have owned the browser market for the past 3-4 decades, but other than basic updates, there haven’t been any real significant changes to the browser.

People spend a majority of their time today in web applications, and current browsers and tabs are a horrible experience for this way of internet usage. It’s time to move beyond the antiquated browser and step into a new era where web operating systems can better mesh with how we truly use the internet on a daily basis in this day and age.

Company Birth Story

Qebot started as a simple website builder technology for small businesses. Over the years, Qebot transitioned from being just a website builder into developing an integrated SaaS platform and marketplace for all sorts of business technologies. Mostly sold through white label partners and affinity programs, the next natural progression was to find a browser partner to offer a suite of a-la-carte tools through.

Months of playing with all of the browsers on the market led to a realization - none of them really fit the mold of being a transformative, productivity-driven system. So, Qebot decided to build a next generation browser, developed around how people today actually use the internet.

The Solution

Qebot WebOS is built around applications. Either through the marketplace of apps or the app center featuring over 1,200 of the top apps on the market, WebOS centralizes the applications you use the most into an easy to access side navigation bar. This allows quick access to what you use the most, and leaves the integrated browser free for what browser tabs were meant for – search and research. No more wasted time hunting through dozens of tabs to find the app you are looking for.

Moreover, with Qebot WebOS’s Privacy+, users decide how their data is used. For those looking for online privacy, Privacy+ ensures that all of your data stays private, never sold or distributed. Privacy+ also includes a VPN, ad blocking, and 3 rd party data blocking.

For businesses, WebOS also provides advanced user controls and access, and higher-level security than standard browsers. Keep your data and proprietary information safe, and take more control of team on/off boarding with Qebot WebOS for business.

A founder quote

“We set out to build internet access the way we would want it. Personalized, private, and productive. We listened to our users, we built what they asked for, and the end result has been more than we could have ever hoped for!” -Matthew White, CEO

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