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Protect Life’s Most Vital Pieces of Information with Prisidio’s Trusted User-Friendly Mobile App

What Prisidio Does

Prisidio is a cloud-based mobile app storage solution that makes it easy to securely collect, organize and share life’s most essential documents and information - including memories, important documents, and vital records - with the most important people in it.

The Current Landscape

According to recent cloud computing trends, 71 percent of Americans are using cloud storage services like Dropbox or iCloud (Statista 2022). But as digital storage solutions become more commonplace, they have only solved securely storing documents and syncing them across multiple devices. They don’t solve the problem of sharing documents easily and efficiency, knowing who has viewed what you shared, and if they still have access. Online cloud storage generally only focuses on documents but our lives also include people, places and things. Prisidio’s mobile app solves all this, offering a centralized and accessible personalized digital platform that acts as a secure “digital vault,” enabling users to snap and save store wills, mortgage deeds, insurance records, health and immunization records, tax documents, photos and more with military-grade security. The platform also features sophisticated access to share important documents and information with when it’s needed most.

How Prisidio Got Started

Cofounded by serial entrepreneurs, CEO Glenn Shimkus and CMO Paul Koziarz, Prisidio brings a combined 40 years of experience in document management. Prior to launching Prisidio, Shimkus and Koziarz were co-founders of Cartavi, a provider of collaboration services for real estate transactions which was later sold to DocuSign. The idea for Prisidio was born in 2018 and brought Koziarz out of retirement after a mutual friend lost his father, confiding that he wished he had a better option to help manage his late father’s estate.

Life’s Digital Storage Solution

While digital solutions like DropBox, OneDrive and others offer secure document storage, Prisidio offers a central solution to securely store everything personal. Users can add context to their documents, preserving memories and other details that might otherwise be lost. A simplified user- friendly interface allows people to access vital documents in the moment, instantly adding and editing items as they think about them, and then moving on. A secure, collaborative feature allows selective invitation to bring outside users into a vault while having full control of what they can see and do within it. With Prisidio, users can access, edit and share vault items from it from wherever they are - making it useful for emergencies and more.

Offering Endless Options for Customized Needs

Current customers are using Prisidio for so many aspects of their digital storage needs, from moms quickly storing and accessing their child’s vaccination records and health insurance while enrolling in a new school, to storing veterinarian contact, commands and feeding instruction with trusted pet sitters, to preserving the monetary value of musical instruments and gear.

Prisidio Offers Peace of Mind

“We believe in our mission, because it is a mission,” Shimkus says. “Prisidio gives people peace of mind. It allows individuals and families to be prepared for whatever the future may bring.” For more information, visit Find Prisidio on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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