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Playrcart Develops the Future of Digital Ads

Playrcart is a London ad tech startup that makes any rich media asset instantly transactional, turning ads into digital checkout counters. A recent partnership between ABInBev and Playrcart enabled customers who came across an ad for Corona to order a pack of beer directly within the ad - when consumer attention and engagement is highest. Consumers avoid the need to click out of the content, and conversion rate delivers a much higher ROI for brands and advertisers.

While it may seem like obvious advertising to enable consumers to complete a call-to-action directly within an advertising asset, Playrcart’s technology is actually unique and unprecedented. It’s the first startup to tackle the issue of “dropping off” once a consumer has to click out of an ad. The benchmark for engagement and conversion of video or rich media ads is two percent, and on average it takes a customer twenty two clicks to successfully checkout online. Playrcart is at the forefront of decreasing this friction and elevating creative content through instantly-transactional technology. Playrcart is singlehandedly revolutionizing the world of advertising.

Playrcart CEO & Founder, Glen Dormieux spent the better part of his career at the intersection of marketing and entertainment, where he worked with renowned film studios to scale marketing campaigns. Throughout his career, he noticed a growing trend where clients would spend thousands of dollars on rich, branded advertising yet there seemed to be a drop off when it came to actually selling tickets - or any other product. It was then that the foundation for Playrcart began to develop.

Glen found that by moving the call-to-action to the beginning of the customer journey, he was able to dilute brands’ sales funnels by 70% on average. Customers are able to easily complete any transaction - whether it's buying a product, ordering a beer, donating to a charity or scheduling a test drive for a new car - while they’re already engaged with the content that grabbed their attention. On the brand side, advertisers are able to maximize the ROI on existing assets, by making them work smarter and harder.

Playrcart is a nascent company but it’s not an inexperienced one, with investment and support from the likes of Chairman Peter Scott and Private media investor Dominic Shorthouse. Despite its infancy, it has already formed partnerships with ABInBev and Walgreens-Boots Alliance.

Playrcart’s work has not gone unnoticed. In 2017-2018, they were selected from hundreds of start-ups to be part of Telefonica’s Global Wayra Program, with the tech giant investing in Playrcart and appointing them as a global supplier. Since then, Playrcart has achieved continuous recognition, with the startup named the 2021 winner of Reimagining Fundraising - a global call to uncover the best future-proofed technologies to best serve the global Charity and NGO industries in a post-COVID world. Playrcart has been endorsed by the UN, UNICEF, Save The Children, Amnesty International, WWF, Medecins San Frontieres and many other global charities for its work in the space. Most recently, Playrcart was also the winner of the Mad//Fest Mad//Anywhere Global Virtual Event 2021 competition.

Moving forward, Playrcart looks to grow their presence across Europe and the United States. Check them out:


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