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Optimizing supply chain opportunities at Beyond Warehousing

What is Beyond Warehousing?

Beyond Warehousing is a full-service 3PL located in the Kansas City Metro. 3PL services include warehousing, distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, transloading, and more. The Kansas City area provides their clients with many supply chain optimization opportunities including proximity to the rail, access to a heavy haul corridor, and fast transit times.

The Current Industry Landscape

The recent pandemic highlighted just how important it is to have a supply chain that is flexible, scalable, and reliable. With significantly more consumers shopping online amid shutdowns, demand for e-commerce fulfillment services, such as Amazon FBA, soared. Fulfillment centers are overflowing, which has led to storage limits and missed sales opportunities for some suppliers. Other suppliers are being hit with major shipping delays caused by backlogged ocean ports. There is no end in sight for the supply chain challenges caused by the pandemic, which is why it is becoming more and more important for suppliers to have a 3PL partner to guide them through the logistics landscape.

There are 3PL companies that specialize in different areas of logistics, such as warehousing, domestics transportation, international shipping, etc. Beyond Warehousing’s direct competitors are other companies offering warehousing, distribution, and/or e-commerce fulfillment. The team at Beyond Warehousing is working to make a name for themselves and build awareness around what sets them apart in the industry.

The birth of Beyond Warehousing

Beyond Warehousing’s leadership team met at Amazon during a period of global expansion and innovation. They led projects that still impact how Amazon operates its fulfillment centers and inventory placement. Their experience working at the leading e-commerce company in the world instilled servant leadership, continuous improvement, and customer-centricity in their operations. The leadership team interacted with 3PLs frequently during their time at Amazon and saw they were generally lacking in transparency and service performance. Beyond Warehousing was launched in the fall of 2019 to meet the need for a customer-focused public warehousing solution – one that operates with integrity, transparency, and exists to help clients address their supply chain challenges.

Beyond Warehousing's vision

Beyond Warehousing’s vision is to enhance lives and deliver results by being a worry-free supply chain solution with 7 million square feet of warehouse space across 9 markets. They started with one warehouse in Edgerton, Kansas and have had to source additional space in the Kansas City metro to meet client demand. Beyond Warehousing is actively working to expand into additional markets beyond Kansas City. As a member of the North Point family of companies, Beyond Warehousing combines warehousing expertise with the backing of a national leader in real estate development along with sister companies specializing in international and domestic shipping, cold storage, and more.

The Team Culture

The leaders of Beyond Warehousing created a team culture driven by the company’s core values: Put people first, do the right thing every time, take ownership of every situation, maintain financial discipline, and live generously. They know that a happy and empowered team provides the highest quality service to business partners and customers. Beyond Warehousing aim to be regarded as the company to work for in Logistics Park Kansas City.

A quote from the founder

“Beyond Warehousing takes pride in being different in a couple of ways.

1) We put people first. We avoid temporary labor, invest in training and growth, and incentivize high performance and continuous improvement.

2) We are a business partner. We listen to client needs and work on solving problems. One example of our customer-centricity: our transactional pricing model. Clients want to know what they are really going to pay, not just get a list of prices and wonder how things will shake out. We look at their business from their point of view so we can serve them better.”

– Jeff Havelka, CEO

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