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New Platform Helps Social Media Managers Build Sustainable Careers

What The Earning Club does

The Earning Club is a community built by social media managers, for social media managers (SMMs). Unlike competitors, they’ve spent years refining their systems and strategies based on real-world experience. They don't believe in empty promises or one-size-fits-all solutions, instead providing actionable resources, expert guidance, and a supportive community to empower SMMs.

The Current Landscape

The social media industry is saturated with "get rich quick" schemes and courses focused on building a personal brand over building a skillset. This leaves many aspiring and established SMMs overwhelmed and unsure of how to translate passion into a sustainable career.

Company Birth Story

Six years ago, Lori, seeking a social media whiz for her nationwide client, found Jonna, a social media guru. Jonna's expertise in crafting visuals and captions helped Lori deliver timely, on-brand content. Collaboratively, the team has undertaken a diverse range of projects for numerous clients, skillfully adapting to evolving trends and platforms. Their competitive advantage lies in their spirited approach, blending youthful energy and a dash of sass. They firmly believe that social media should not be monotonous, infusing every project with personality and flair, aiming to make a distinctive statement.

The Solution

The Earning Club prioritizes success with proven, actionable social media management expertise that builds a lucrative career, not just a follower count. They offer accessible solutions for all levels, offering powerful tactics to achieve results regardless of budget or experience.

Monthly Membership: The Earning Club membership provides the structure and support to stay on top of the social media game via done-for-you content, reel prompts, templates, graphics, engagement tips, profit tips, and more, freeing them up to focus on client work.

Crash Course: The crash course provides a fast-paced, action-oriented learning experience. Get the essential skills and strategies needed to excel as a social media manager.

Full Social Media Management Course: The comprehensive course equips SMMs with the in-depth knowledge and advanced techniques to become a social media master.

Private 1:1 Coaching: Lori and Jonna, the founders of The Earning Club, offer one- on-one coaching calls to develop a customized plan that addresses specific needs and goals.

A Customer Story

Emily felt the sting of imposter syndrome. Client demands and social media chaos left her questioning her abilities. Over 7 months, Lori and Jonna coached her, provided content & strategy, and built streamlined systems.

The result? A confident Emily & a thriving business.

“I am SO GRATEFUL for the help and support you ladies have provided me and for the constant encouragement you have given over the past 7 months. Thank you, ladies. I appreciate you more than you know…” - Emily K.

The Team Culture

The founders of The Earning Club get SMMs because they’ve been SMMs. Their mission is to ignite passion for social media, foster collaboration, and empower social media managers and virtual assistants to succeed through their proven approach. Integrity, transparency, authenticity, and effective communication are at the core of their hearts.

A founder quote

"Ask questions that matter. Let those answers drive you, your actions, your mission, your heart." - Lori Ramas, Co-Founder of The Earning Club

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