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MTArt Agency, the World-leading Visual Artists' talent Agency

What is MTArt Agency?

MTArt Agency’s mission is to support the most inspiring visual artists and to bring art to everyone.

The Current Landscape

MTArt is the sector's first and remains the leading talent agency for visual artists.

The business model is unique within the sector, as it sees value in investing in the artist, not just the artwork. We build the artist’s reputation across art collecting, brand collaboration, public art partnerships, digital audiences and institutional recognition.

We represent 40 incredible contemporary artists - they are as established as Lorenzo Quinn (who did the Venice Biennale with his two hands, at the time it was the most-viewed public art project of this year) to more mid-level artists.

Like the most powerful talent agencies in Hollywood, CAA, UTA, William Morris, we have plugged a creative agency behind the talent agency to advise the top brands, governments, digital companies and cities to work with the top artists. What’s particularly smart is our understanding of the audiences who follow our talents and the ones that we have nurtured over the years that come and reinforce these partnerships.

Company Birth Story

MTArt Agency was founded in 2015, with two desires: to support the most inspiring artists and to bring art to everyone. Fast forward to today – we are living our vision, representing some of the most talented, forward-thinking artists in the world, working with global organisations and cities, and nurturing our international community of art-lovers and collectors.

The Solution

We don't invest in art, we invest in artists and give them access to opportunities that will support and help them grow their careers and their reputations globally.

Our Creative agency's Artists collaborate with brands to go beyond traditional marketing and tell unique stories that connect authentically with consumers.

From Campaigns, and brand collaborations to sponsored public art activations, our Artists tell stories that are not scripted but are made straight from the heart. Stories that are not mainstream or well known, are just truthful and authentic.

The Team Culture

Behind MTArt Agency is a team of exceptional minds, including…

Our CEO and Founder, Marine Tanguy, is a TEDx speaker, Forbes 30 under 30 and an award-winning business person. Giorgio Armani muse, author, lecturer and entrepreneur, Inès Leonarduzzi is Director of MTArt Agency France, and also founded Digital for the Planet. Lise Arlot, former art director and cofounder of Feral Horses, is our Head of Strategy. Our Director of Innovation and Impact, Yann Mathias, founded the Design Laboratory, a creative agency and design studio that advised the world’s top brands. Blue Gaydon, our Executive Director of Brand Partnerships, was previously Creative Partnerships Director at British Vogue and Bespoke Director at Wallpaper*.

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