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Moissanite: The New Gem of Choice for Ethical, Affordable Luxury

What Moissanite does

In the dynamic world of jewelry, Moissanite is rapidly becoming the gemstone of choice for discerning consumers who seek brilliance, durability, and affordability. Moissanite jewelry, known for its exceptional sparkle and ethical sourcing, is redefining luxury, making it accessible to a broader audience without compromising on quality or beauty. Additionally, Moissanite addresses the ethical and financial issues linked with mined diamonds, positioning itself as a smarter and more responsible investment


Crafting unique jewelry with sterling silver, gold, lab-grown gemstones, and Moissanite diamonds to combat the issue of blood diamonds and mining. The company focuses on creating exquisite designs that cater to modern tastes while ensuring that each piece is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

Industry Landscape

The jewelry market is currently dominated by outdated designs and overpriced products, leaving consumers searching for better alternatives. Major competitors in the market, such as Ice Cartel and Moissanite & Co., offer similar products but often fall short in terms of innovation and affordability. IVORY & EBONY aims to fill this gap by providing trendy, unique designs that are both stylish and ethical.

Company Birth Story

The inspiration for IVORY & EBONY came in 2023 when the founder tried to sell a mined diamond ring inherited from their father. Surprisingly, the diamond had depreciated in value, while the gold part of the ring had appreciated significantly. This experience highlighted the need for better investment options in the jewelry market. Realizing the lack of good designs and the ethical issues surrounding mined diamonds, the founder decided to create a company that offers unique, high-quality jewelry with a focus on Moissanite and lab-grown gemstones.

The Solution

IVORY & EBONY is dedicated to creating trendy, unique designs suitable for weddings, gifts, or casual occasions. The company’s mission extends beyond aesthetics; it aims to build a greener future by moving away from the blood diamond industry and embracing conflict-free green diamonds. Recognizing the environmental impact of lab-created diamonds, which often require substantial energy from fossil fuels, IVORY & EBONY is committed to transitioning to 100% green energy for its production processes. This approach ensures that every Moissanite diamond created is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

Customer Testimonials

Customers all across the US are raving about their Moissanite jewelry. Here are just a few of their glowing testimonials:

  • "I couldn't be happier with my Moissanite Tennis Eternity Engagement ring. It sparkles just like a diamond, and knowing it's ethically sourced makes it even more special." – Eliana S., San Francisco CA.

  • "Moissanite earrings were the perfect anniversary gift. My wife was thrilled with their brilliance and beauty. They look stunning on her!" – Emanuel G., North Fort Myers FL.

  • "Choosing Moissanite was the best decision. The quality is exceptional, and I love that it's a sustainable choice. I get compliments on my necklace all the time!" – Jordin R, Newton NC.

A founder quote

"Seeing the need for affordable, ethical, and beautifully designed jewelry inspired the creation of IVORY & EBONY. Our goal is to lead the industry toward a more sustainable future."

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