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Mode Insurance Provides Flexible Insurance for Creative Freelancers

What Mode Insurance does

Mode Insurance is a brand new insurance company that specialises in flexible insurance solutions for freelancers and small businesses in the creative sector.

With Mode Insurance, creatives can buy temporary insurance so they only pay for the cover they need for certain jobs or events.

The Current Landscape

With more and more freelancers entering the creative sector, there is a growing need to provide flexible insurance that suits them and their needs.

A lot of creative freelancers only need cover for a short period of time, to cover a certain job they are doing or while they are at an event.

However, before Mode Insurance freelancers would have to buy generic policies that were not designed around their needs. Mode Insurance has designed specific cover options that put creative freelancers in control of how long they are covered for and how much cover they buy. Creative freelancers and small businesses can buy:

  • Public Liability insurance

  • Equipment insurance

  • Professional Indemnity insurance

  • Employers’ Liability insurance

Company Birth Story

Mode Insurance was born from the frustration of its team of former freelancers, who felt the current business and freelance insurance market was not geared towards them and their needs.

Self-employed creatives are therefore at the heart of everything Mode Insurance do and they have designed insurance solutions that align directly with their customers unique journey.

The Solution

In response to the needs of their customers, Mode Insurance has built an intuitive online quoting system that provides complete control to creative freelancers and small businesses in choosing what cover they need, how long they need it for and how much cover to buy.

For example, if they are told by a client that they need £1m of Public Liability cover for a day to work on their premises, they can go to Mode Insurance and get a quote for exactly that cover in a matter of minutes. If they choose to buy, then their cover documents will be sent to them immediately so they can show their client they have the required cover.

A founder quote

Mode Insurance founder Ajay Mistry, said: “With Mode Insurance, my team and I have launched something new and exciting that will help creative freelancers buy the insurance they need.

“The creative economy is diverse and growing rapidly as more people than ever make the shift away from traditional ways of working. We get that it can be overwhelming, which is why we've made getting the right insurance straightforward and fuss-free – whether that's just for a day, a weekend or the whole year round.”

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