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Meticuly sets new standards by creating 3D printed titaniumim plants on-site with the Vulcan Box

What Meticuly does

Meticuly is specialised in designing and manufacturing of 3D printed patient-specific implants. Using individual CT scan, they craft custom implants with unmatched speed in the industry, powered by AI integration. Now, they are pushing boundaries further by installing their innovative "Vulcan Box", a lean manufacturing system, at Thailand's largest hospital.

The Current Landscape

Medical 3D printing is rapidly transforming healthcare. Its advantages are undeniable: sustainability, improved patient outcomes, and cost-effectiveness for healthcare systems. While companies worldwide are offering solutions for 3D printing of polymer materials, Meticuly stands out by pioneering patient-specific titanium implants manufactured directly at the point-of-care – the hospital.

Company Birth Story

During their time as researchers in additive manufacturing techniques, Dr. Boonrat Lohwongwatana and Dr. Chedtha Puncreobutr, co-founders of Meticuly, were approached by surgeons. These surgeons recognized the potential of 3D printing to revolutionise care for patients who needed implants beyond the limitations of standard sizes. Witnessing the limited access to such solutions, Boonrat and Chedtha embarked on a mission to bridge this gap. Thus, Meticuly was born – a company dedicated to creating patient-specific implants that are accessible to everyone.

The Solution

Meticuly’s Vulcan Box is the next logical step for hospitals: it utilises Meticuly’s existing manufacturing workflow that has been US(FDA) cleared, QMS certified and has already proven its efficacy in more than 1700 cases. The proximity of the Vulcan Box to the operating theatre opens up new treatment options for otherwise time-critical indications. More than 1000 patients annually are expected to benefit from the Vulcan Box at Siriraj Hospital.

A Customer Story

Conventional off-the-shelf implants often struggle with individual anatomy, increasing the risk of revision surgeries. A great example is Mr. Paiboon Jirojkul, a patient who underwent more than 10 surgeries with conventional implants to his hip, all without success, before a custom implant by Meticuly enabled him to walk again.

The Team Culture

Having spun-off from a top Southeast Asian university, Meticuly retains its academic roots even as it expands. A tight-knit team of nearly 80 "Meticulians" – many of whom are former students of the co-founders – fosters a familiar culture that even extends to their recently opened subsidiary in the US. Dedication and a shared vision for the future fuel their success, proving growth and soul can coexist.

A founder quote

“With the Vulcan Box, we are leveraging our years of existing expertise in AI-assisted lean manufacturing of medical implants to push the envelope for development at point-of-care. This next-generation manufacturing system is designed specifically for 3D printing implants in the hospital environment, placing our powerful technology directly where it will benefit patients and surgeons the most.” said Dr. Boonrat Lohwongwatana, CEO of Meticuly.

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