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Magically create video documentation with AI

What guidde does

guidde is the generative AI platform enabling teams to deliver know-how 11x faster for easy sharing with customers or employees. Market leading companies use guidde video documentation to answer customer questions, onboard and train employees and drive self service, enabling teams to perform better.

guidde's Current Landscape

What's currently going on in the industry? What competitors exist? guidde is a unique solution without a direct competitor, you can see the current landscape here - Best Screen and Video Capture Software in 2023: Compare Reviews on 170+ (

guidde’s Birth Story

We launched guidde back in November to a great reception. Just two short weeks after this launch the world literally changed with the launch of ChatGPT which blew our mind completely. Since then the team have been busy continuously iterating and improving our solution based on our user’s feedback while incorporating a ton of goodies that GPT unlocked - this is how guidde AI came to life.

The Solution

A deeper dive on what the company is building, how it differs from competitors, success so far, and company vision guidde AI is a generative documentation creation platform that can help you capture your know-how across any app and produce stunning video documentation, complete with audio narration, storyline, voiceover, screenshots and much more with a couple of clicks. It helps anyone in your team create content 11X faster (“it’s one louder”) helping you pass know-how in no time at all which you can share across any tool you’re using today like your knowledge base, ticketing system or messaging platform.

Here are some awesome things you can do with guidde AI:

Video: automatically create a complete video of all your flow combining screenshots, generated descriptions and audio voiceover describing each and every step of your workflow or standard operating procedure (SOP)

Storyline: simply write a few words on what you want to create and guidde’s Magic Capture will generate descriptions and narrations for each individual step

Audio voiceover: convert the generated narration to a custom audio track in one click - pick from dozens of realistic voices across more than 20 languages

Sharing: embed in markdown or html format using Smart Copy across a variety of tools or share directly with a link and a quick GIF

Collaborate: use our per step commenting to provide direct feedback on any step , description or voiceover track to produce great content together with your team.

guidde AI is already used by teams to instantly create video first knowledge base articles, develop SOPs and MOPs, answer support tickets and pass know-how to teammates and announce new features. You can even create awesome LinkedIn carousels in one click using our PDF export option.

guidde AI is that secret ingredient for making your team and customers happy.

The main challenges that teams face with standard video recorders is that there are many people that simply don't like to go on camera and record themselves for various reasons and the biggest concern is what to do when the content goes stale as video editing is so hard (there's a reason why there's a profession called Video Editor). It's really hard to keep up. That's why guidde makes it as easy as possible to automatically create videos and take the heavy lifting from editing completely by going the route of a presentation like editor that anyone can use

A founder quote

Our mission at guidde is to enable businesses to provide exceptional customer experiences while streamlining their operations. By focusing on a self-service experience, we help our clients to remove the need for human support from the loop, saving them time and resources. With our generative AI platform, businesses can easily create how-to videos in any language, empowering their customers to solve issues independently, and transforming the traditional model of customer service as we know it. - Yoav Einav Co-Founder and CEO

The Team Culture

Who makes up the core team, what they care about and some anecdotes from life at work.

We are technologists at heart. Our first passion, though, before ever touching a keyboard was sports. The inspiration for much of what we're building at guidde stems from modern sports teams and specifically player development. All-Stars are made in the off-season - that’s when individual athletes can improve their skills by working one-on-one with their coaches in game-like situations. ‍

In the modern organizational world that we live in - game-like means inside Apps. ‍

In many aspects, every company resembles a professional sports team. At guidde, we believe that a sales rep can improve their knowledge and skills in the same way that an NBA player can develop a corner three - with the right tools, the right coaching, and the right training. It takes passion, commitment and the collective will of a team of individuals working together to achieve its goals.

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