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LEIAMOON: The Future of Feminine Wellness

What LEIAMOON does

LEIAMOON is revolutionizing the world of feminine self-care with its advanced home electronic vaginal steam seat. Designed for the modern woman, it offers a holistic approach to wellness, blending ancient ritual with cutting-edge technology.

The Current Landscape

While the wellness industry is witnessing a resurgence of age-old practices (with vaginal steaming being named the top spa trend of 2023), LEIAMOON stands out by offering a high- tech, user-friendly solution for vaginal steaming, addressing the needs of women across various life stages.

Company Birth Story

After undergoing surgery to remove a uterine polyp, Jessica discovered vaginal steaming as a transformative tool for healing and reconnection. This personal journey inspired her to design a product that would make this empowering ritual accessible to all. From preconception to postpartum recovery and beyond, Jessica's experiences with steaming have deeply informed LEIAMOON's ethos and offerings.  Read more here .

The Solution

LEIAMOON’s vision is to help women everywhere transform their relationships to their their cycles and reproductive wellness. Their flagship product is not just another steam seat. It boasts:

  • Patented SteamSafe temperature control for safety.

  • Highest-Quality Materials: Non-toxic components, stainless steel herb infusion cup.

  • Comfort: Ergonomic cushion with an oversized steam opening.

  • Versatility: Multiple steaming modes, near infrared/red light LEDs, facial steam attachment.

  • Quality: Comes with an organic signature v-steam herb blend.

  • Support: Guided audio meditation, free consultation with founder Jessica, money-back guarantee, warranty.

Additionally, LEIAMOON offers four organic v-steam herb blends catering to different needs, from menstrual cycle regulation to postpartum recovery and menopausal support.

A Customer Story

"This seat right here is really going to be a game-changer in the fertility space and the vaginal health space. If you have been using something different... this is going to change your life dramatically! We have used it in our office. Everybody loves it and I can't recommend it enough!"- Dr. Marc Sklar, DACM, LAMC Natural Fertility Expert / San Diego Reproductive Wellness Clinic Founder

The Team Culture

LEIAMOON's team is driven by a shared passion for women's holistic wellness. They envision a world where every woman feels empowered and connected to her body.

A founder quote

"In a world where many women feel disconnected from their natural cycles, LEIAMOON offers a bridge to reconnection and empowerment. Our advanced vaginal steam seat isn't just a product; it's a transformative ritual. We envision a future where menstrual cycles are celebrated, not suppressed. With LEIAMOON, we're guiding women towards embracing the beauty of their cyclical nature." - Jessica Pratt, Co-Founder of LEIAMOON

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