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Inspiring Culinary Innovation: A Visionary Journey with NEXT! Foods

What NEXT Foods does

NEXT! Foods is a pioneering convenience food brand that specialises in crafting authentic global dishes with high-quality plant protein.

They cater to time-strapped individuals seeking home-cooked flavours in minutes. Their protein-rich sauces are ready swiftly, delivering convenience without compromising on taste.

The Current Landscape

In the ever-evolving convenience food industry, NEXT! Foods, a pioneering brand in Australia has strategically focused on crafting restaurant-quality, finish-at-home meal solutions. This transformation caters to diverse tastes, emphasising great flavour and convenience for all, aligning with changing consumer preferences in a dynamic market.

Health, innovation and taste are key focal points driving competition and consumer choice.

Company Birth Story

NEXT! Foods traces its origins to the visionary entrepreneur, Biren Doshi, a highly successful figure in the Australian plant-based protein category. With a remarkable track record of building leading brands in the Australian market ahead of the curve, Biren recognised a significant gap in the industry. Fueled by his extensive experience and unwavering commitment to innovation, he embarked on a journey to breathe much-needed innovation to the industry.

The Solution

NEXT! Foods is revolutionising convenience dining by offering restaurant-quality meals in a variety of flavours. The distinction lies in inclusivity, serving quick, delectable options for all, not just the plant-based community. With a growing market presence and a vision of becoming the top convenience brand, we're expanding our flavour range.

A Customer Story

At NEXT! Foods, our impact is tangible through the stories of our dedicated customers. From loyal bacon enthusiasts who start their day with our plant-based option to families delighted by our convenient and delectable pasta sauces, our products have transformed mealtime. We're proud to cater to dairy-free customers with our carbonara sauce, answering their needs. We recognise that our customers deeply care about taste, health and convenience. The new range represents a strong response to those wants.

The Team Culture

At NEXT! Foods, our core team comprises passionate food enthusiasts. We're a diverse group spanning the globe, which adds excitement and diversity to our work culture. We have a shared belief in the power of people, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

A founder quote

"I am driven by innovation that enriches people's lives. At NEXT!, we're curating experiences that resonate with the diverse tastes and lifestyles of our customers."

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