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Innovative Flooring with Crystal Clear Epoxy

What Crystal Clear Epoxy does

Crystal Clear Epoxy specialises in providing top-tier epoxy flooring solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. They offer custom designs, seamless installations, and high- quality finishes. What sets Crystal Clear Epoxy apart is its customer service team who ensure that every client is treated like family, delivering a personalised experience.

The Current Landscape

The epoxy flooring industry is currently experiencing a surge in demand due to its versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Many competitors focus solely on large-scale commercial projects, often overlooking the personalised needs of smaller businesses and residential clients. Additionally, while some companies offer quality products, their customer service and aftercare often fall short, leaving clients dissatisfied.

The Solution

Crystal Clear Epoxy was founded with a vision to personalise the epoxy flooring industry. Inspired by a passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces, the founder saw an opportunity to combine new technology with exceptional customer service. Starting from a small garage projects, Crystal Clear Epoxy quickly grows into a reputable name, thanks to a commitment to quality communication and diversity..

A Customer Story

Clients often return for additional services or refer others due to the exceptional experiences they have with Crystal Clear Epoxy One notable project involved a local community center needing an upgrade to its worn flooring. The customer spoke Spanish, and Crystal Clear Epoxy diverse team, fluent in Spanish, ensured clear communication throughout the project. The new epoxy flooring significantly improved the center’s functionality and safety, fostering a vibrant, inclusive space for the entire community. This project highlights the company’s

The Team Culture

Crystal Clear Epoxy prides itself on a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment. The core team is made up of individuals from various backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives and skills. The company values continuous learning, innovation, and a client- first approach. An anecdote from the workplace highlights the collaborative environment: when Olena joined the team as a Ukrainian refugee with no prior experience, she received thorough training and quickly became a valued member, contributing significantly to various projects with her keen eye for detail.

A founder quote

The founder shares, "At Crystal Clear Epoxy Inc., our mission is to transform spaces through innovation and exceptional service, while fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where every team member can thrive."

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