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How SalesTiger's AI Technology is Changing the Game for Growth-Stage Companies

What SalesTiger does

SalesTiger is a game-changing AI-powered lead generation and appointment booking company that's transforming the sales industry. Their innovative technology and expert team of sales professionals deliver targeted and qualified leads that can take a start-up to the next level, solving the age-old problem of generating quality leads quickly and effectively. SalesTiger is revolutionizing the way businesses sell, and the future looks brighter than ever.

The Current Landscape

SalesTiger's competitors include traditional lead generation companies like ZoomInfo and newer AI-powered sales tools like Apollo. However, SalesTiger sets itself apart by combining the best of both worlds: cutting-edge AI technology with expert sales professionals - specific to the needs of a growth-stage company.

Company Birth Story

SalesTiger was born out of the frustration of its CEO, a former sales executive, who saw how difficult it was to consistently generate quality leads and close deals at every start-up he helped grow. With a passion for innovation, a vast amount of data and expertise, and a belief in the power of AI technology, he partnered up with the CTO at his former company and started SalesTiger to revolutionize the industry and help start-ups succeed.

The Solution

At SalesTiger today, we're building tools that leverage advanced algorithms to analyze customer behavior and identify prospects that are most likely to convert. But that’s just the beginning. Unlike our competitors, we're not just focused on providing data or leads, but rather we are committed to delivering revenue growth for our clients by nurturing and converting every lead into a sale.

Our success so far has been phenomenal. We've helped countless start-ups increase their revenue growth, and our clients have seen a significant return on their investment. Our vision is to continue innovating and revolutionizing the sales industry with the most effective and efficient tools so that every start-up that deserves to have a seat at the table, gets their chance.

The Team Culture

Their Co-Founder & CEO, Chris Hedum, is sales leader and visionary with experience scaling sales teams through seed, Series A, B, & C rounds of funding. Their Co-Founder & CTO, Zhichao Han, is a software developer and day trader who has spent more than a decade developing software and scaling engineering teams for high-growth start-ups. In addition, their advisors are made up of COO’s, CEO’s, and Founders of Start-Ups who have either raised significant capital or have IPO’d. The team believes in what they call “BIG TOE” culture; which means being benevolent, innovative, and grateful - with a focus on teamwork, ownership, and everyday improvement.

A founder quote

“The data says start-ups fail due to a lack of product market fit. But if you ask me, the reality is that most founders just don’t know how to sell their product. Understanding the customer’s pain points, identifying the benefit your company provides, and developing a sales pitch to tie these all together - these are skills that need to be learned in order to make your team successful.”

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