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How Jaclyn Nicole Jewelry Empowers Emotional Well-being Through Mindful Designs

What Jaclyn Nicole Does

Jaclyn Nicole is an inspirational jewelry brand that combines minimalist yet striking jewelry designs with meaningful insights and mindfulness practices to turn them into therapeutic tools intended to help improve your mental and emotional well-being.

The Current Landscape

The jewelry industry continues to grow year after year and is predicted to continue doing so. There has been a push towards sustainable practices and ethical sourcing as well as the use of social media being relied on heavily for marketing and exposure.

What competitors exist?

While there are endless competitors in the jewelry industry itself, Jaclyn Nicole is most aligned with meaningful jewelry brands like Bryan Anthony’s, Alex & Ani, and Satya Jewelry.

Company Birth Story

After a challenging end to her marriage, an intercontinental move back to her home state with her infant and toddler, and an extremely stressful year of quarantine during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jaclyn found her emotional and mental health at an all-time low. To address the toll on her psyche, she turned to crafting as a form of therapy. She initially taught herself to crochet, a skill she had long desired to learn, and soon began exploring various methods of jewelry making. Jaclyn started by creating seed bead bracelets for herself, her daughters, and her friends, incorporating inspiring words to offer them encouragement and support. When a friend suggested she sell her creations, it ignited her interest in building a jewelry business.

Despite not considering herself artistic or particularly creative at the time, Jaclyn fell in love with the process of handcrafting jewelry and continued to experiment with different techniques. Within four months, she enrolled in beginner metalsmithing classes to learn the fundamentals. From the first day, she knew this was her true calling. With a background as a life coach and a dedication to her own healing journey, Jaclyn began to translate her life-affirming insights into jewelry designs. This led to the creation of inspirational pieces that promote mindfulness and enhance well-being.

The Solution

The thing that distinguishes Jaclyn Nicole from any other meaningful jewelry brand is both the jewelry’s distinct minimalist yet bold designs and its intention to be used as a therapeutic tool that prompts reframing and mindfulness exercises. Frequent feedback from customers indicates that Jaclyn Nicole’s jewelry is like nothing they’ve seen before - they love the style, beauty, and workmanship, and the meanings behind each piece make them an invaluable investment in their well-being.

A Customer Story

“I purchased the Gratitude Symbol earrings as a birthday gift for my sister and she absolutely loved them. They are well made and the entire collection leaves you wanting more. However, what stopped me in my tracks is the inner beauty of this jewelry line, the meaningful stories that are behind it make it that much more beautiful. The designer is a wealth of information and I wanted to buy everything that she was wearing. You will definitely be back for more.”

“I love my {Karma} necklace. I constantly fidget with the necklace when I’m wearing it, not out of anxiety but as a constant reminder to make sure I’m putting the best version of me out there. Wearing jewelry is great, However, wearing jewelry that echos with my intent is AMAZING!”

“These earrings are the perfect addition to my chaotic life. I have a stressful corporate job and saw Jaclyn’s description of these earrings and knew I needed them. During an extremely stressful work travel situation, I was wearing them. I continued to remind myself in those moments that I would get through the situation and would learn from it based, and I did!! I loved having them on to help ground me and of course they’re gorgeous!”

The Team Culture

While currently a team of one, there are plans to scale and expand the brand through manufacturing. The aim is for the culture of the brand to reflect the world that the inspirational jewelry is intended to help create. This envisioned world is one where people recognize their worth, align with their joy, and pursue their passions. It is a world where communication is authentic, and where listening is done with the intent to empathize, understand, and collaborate.

A Founder Quote

“In a world where we’ve learned from childhood that we need to be different in order to be accepted and loved, it’s time we learn that to live happily, we need to love and accept ourselves and our lives as is. Inspirational jewelry is a unique way to use something we already carry with us daily, to help us practice and apply those transformative habits of happiness.”

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