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Digitizing the café experience with Honey & Roses Coffee Co.

What is Honey & Roses Coffee Co.?

Honey & Roses Coffee Co. is digitizing the café experience, bringing it straight to the comfort of your own home. Honey & Roses Coffee is the ultimate café curator, selecting — and often discovering — 60+ of the nations best roasters and an array of bakers, chocolatiers and craftsmen across the US.

Beyond a sustainability-focused business model, Honey & Roses Coffee is committed to creating impact and giving back through various campaigns. The brand has been proactive in social-impact movements and supporting those in need during times of crisis. Honey & Roses has launched several initiatives like #drinkcoffeeandvote, and during the peak of the pandemic, the company donated coffee to first responders.

Current industry landscape

Since the pandemic, the coffee industry has seen a huge boom, especially online. What a few years ago was a budding industry has now become a very oversaturated one. This has posed numerous advantages as well as monumental challenges for the company, since they have far more competition to deal with in the marketing space. They have to constantly be changing and evolving to keep up with the growing demand for online coffee. The founders do think if a person is genuine and authentic, those qualities resonate more with customers more than anything else.

The creation of the company

Honey & Roses Coffee was co-founded by Ella Jesmajian and Joseph Whiteside. Since its birth, Joe and Ella have steered Honey & Roses to success. The entrepreneurial duo’s complementing skills and leadership has been instrumental in scaling the business.

Under their leadership, the brand has grown 158% in its first year of operation. In 2021 actor and comedian Ryan Hansen joined the Honey & Roses team as a new partner. Ryan has starred in major TV series and movies such as Veronica Mars, Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television, and most recently, Good On Paper. Not only does Ryan’s involvement solidify Honey & Roses as an “it” brand, but as something everyone from an everyday coffee connoisseur to a celebrity can enjoy. Ryan loves coffee and drinks at least a cup a day. It was a natural fit for him to come on as a partner with a vision to expand the brand. Ryan hopes to further explore his love for coffee. The company first started out as solely a coffee website, a place where you could purchase sustainably and ethically sourced craft coffee from roasters across the US. But, over time Honey & Roses Coffee Co. morphed into a curated marketplace with three product groups: Coffee, Homeware and Sweet & Treats. They partner exclusively with independent businesses and artisans across the US; each product and partner on the platform promotes a community committed to a positive and sustainable lifestyle.

Both Joe and Ella have always had a passion for travel and a love of quality coffee. They began this journey after years of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures. They know there’s nothing like the feeling of waking up in a new place, eager to wander out your door and try a local coffee shop. The delightful immersion one experiences while drinking coffee on a trip is something he always wishes he could take with him when he leaves.

The aim of the company is to recreate that feeling for their customers in the comfort of their own homes. The sense of community and caring that small-town artisans have for their craft, from where they source their ingredients to how they prepare and serve them, has been the catalyst for us. They provide a marketplace that connects customers to these artisans around the US and helps support small businesses. Honey & Roses is the best way to interact with the greatest small-batch coffee roasters from all over the country, as they share their stories, values, and craft with the world.

The company solution

Honey & Roses Coffee Co.'s goal is to build a community of coffee lovers, something that is much more than just an online store. They have hopefully created a special trust with their customers and would love to see that evolve over time. Also, the founders love the shift in the market towards sustainability and friendly companies. Not too long ago, it was all about big brands, franchises, designers and popular stores. Now, people care more about who they are supporting, what’s in their products, how their food impacts the environment. People have more of a sense of social responsibility and prefer to support local businesses now — allowing small businesses to focus on sustainability and innovation. Joe and Ella would love to see their company design a full home collection or provide more sustainable options for customers.

Company Growth

What started as sustainably-sourced craft coffee has overflowed into more beloved café offerings such as small batched baked goods and eco-friendly homeware. Since its debut in 2019, the brand has evolved into three sectors: Coffee, Homeware and Sweet & Treats. Customers can now purchase items ranging from premiere coffee, eco-friendly mugs, handmade brass spoons, delicious baked goods and more. Honey & Roses Coffee partners with independent businesses and artisans that practice sustainable and ethical trade. Each product and partner on the platform promotes an eco-responsible lifestyle.

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