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Healthcare worker wellbeing taken care of at WIRL

What is WIRL?

(WIRL) is a marketplace used to connect healthcare workers suffering from burnout and/or stress with wellness deals and solutions.

The current industry landscape

As everyone imagine, this pandemic has put this business in a unique position – WIRL's customers make up one of the most essential workforces, and longer hours and harder work mean that wellness has become a vital concern for them. At the same time, small businesses, like those whose services WIRL promotes, are also struggling to stay afloat.

In both of these regards, WIRL is in a place to help, and they have re-prioritized their business plan to make sure they are helping out as many health professionals and businesses as possible. It’s become crucial for the WIRL team to get all of their healthcare members the services they need at the best possible price – and the small businesses that offer them the sales they need to sustain themselves.

Why WIRL was established

The founder of the company, Tasha, her burnout symptoms were irritability, being less productive at work and home, overwhelming stress, and cynical thoughts.

Tasha was an occasional coffee drinker, it wasn’t mandatory. It was her treat. She used the time to reflect. Tasha noticed the change when her coffee intake increased. She no longer sipped the coffee- it was more rush gulping type energy- to save herself!

Tasha has always been pretty upbeat and balanced. She think it started when she opened her health care practice, having to manage 13 Clinicians, remodeling her house, and having a baby at 42 - she never just stopped! Her burnout was a mixture of home and work life. As a mental health professional, Tasha understood what she was dealing with, but refused to address it until it was too late.

After she finally came to grips with the reality, that she was experiencing burnout, Tasha immediately put a plan in place to solve this. She began with a to do list- prioritizing her tasks, giving herself room to leave task to return to. Tasha also implemented a timer alert on her phone with a break reminder.

Because of her burnout experience, Tasha created a platform to help other healthcare providers too.

The goal of the company

Healthcare workers are busy. WIRL(Wellness In Real Life) finds the most unique and effective deals and solutions for them. WIRL is the #1 marketplace healthcare workers are turning to.

The WIRL team

Tasha Holland-Kornegay: Founder : As a Licensed Mental Health Clinician, Dr. Holland-Kornegay has a background in counseling and is the founder of Our Treatment Center, PLLC.. Her life as a health professional and a businesswoman are linked together by her passion for helping others. After a battle with burnout encouraged her to help other health professionals cope with their high stress careers. William O. Kornegay II: Co-Founder: William spent most of his professional life as a marketer. He was afforded to work with some major brands in the game, like Coca-Coal, Nascar, Nintendo, Toyota, and Wendy's as a Market Manager. After watching is wife(Founder), Dr. Tasha Holland-Kornegay, struggle with burnout, he decided to join WIRL.

Marybeth Pope- Mentor- Unilever Business Coaching Program Terri Hintz- Sales Strategist- Trestle Sales Training and Consultant Alessandro Marianantoni - Mentor: M Accelerator


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