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Futuristic security of your belongings with Space

What is Space?

SPACE was established in 2021, and the purpose was to create unique products for your home or work space. The first product created was The Space Safe, and has been extremely successful in preorder sales.

The current industry

Currently, the safe industry has barely seen any change in the last 20 years, and it has left an opportunity for improvement. Unfortunately, the safe industry is not a large one, which is why there aren't many competitors in it. The direct competition is mainly Vaultek, Motorola, or Mycube, and the Motorola and Mycube safe quality is extremely bad. Additionally, these competitors haven't created something that's up to par in terms of tech as Space has.

How Space was created

In 2019, Oscar Hedaya, the founder of SPACE, was meeting a friend at their apartment when he noticed his friend had left an expensive watch out on his bedside table. The friend's apartment had been left unlocked, and Oscar asked his friend to buy a safe to keep his valuables safe. When the friend said everything in the market was horrible, Oscar took it upon himself to research and look for a safe. After spending hours of research, his friend was right, and that's when Oscar decided to create The Space Safe. Nearly 2 years to design, develop, and create multiple iterations until they were ready to launch.

Space features

In order to create The Space Safe, SPACE took the latest tech on the market and put it together to make the best safe out there. For the first time ever, they used touch screen LCD display, cameras inside and outside, biometric sensors, and tamper sensors - so if someone attempts to access your safe, instantly get notified via their app. The best of their competitors don't even use half of these cool features, and best of all, they have several patent pendings on The Space Safe, so no one can copy them.

This is the first of the long lines of safes they plan to release, and the first of all their products. With a great team, they plan to develop other cool and practical products for your everyday life and for your space.

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