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Fresh, Artisanal and Gluten-Free: Everyone has a seat at Charlie’s Table

What the company does

With a taste and texture indistinguishable from freshly made semolina wheat pasta made at the finest restaurants, Charlie’s Table gluten-free pasta allows everyone to enjoy a great tasting pasta meal together. By the way, their pasta is already being served at some of America’s top restaurants!

The Current Landscape

The wellness eating category is now mainstream with 30% of Americans preferring a gluten-free diet. This number will continue to rise as evidenced by the 60% of Europeans who prefer to eat this way. With rising consumer expectations rising, consumers are no longer satisfied with gluten-free pasta alternatives that do not taste, let alone feel or look like wheat pasta. Charlie’s Table fills that gap with their fresh pasta.

Company Birth Story

It started on a bicycle ride across Manhattan with two socially conscious New Yorkers who had just visited a mutual friend in the hospital. One, an Italian restaurateur who recently was diagnosed as gluten sensitive, and the other, a business entrepreneur. Check out the entire story on our web site.

The Solution

A deeper dive on what the company is building, how it differs from competitors, success so far, and company vision.

Charlie’s Table is establishing itself as the leader in the growing premium fresh wellness category. Everything the company does is to meet high customer expectations, from conducting extensive consumer market research when developing products to making pasta in small batches using traditional Italian built bronze cut dies, creating a grittiness that is superior in the absorption of sauces.

The company also recognizes that a meaningful connection to the communities it serves is critical. That is why the firm started its non- profit, Charlie’s Table Oasis, with the mission to making restaurant dining safer for gluten-free individuals (Gluten-Free Safety Program for Restaurants), provide resources for a living gluten-free (Guides to Gluten-Free Living), and raising awareness and money to assist food insecure individuals who eat gluten-free (in partnership with Broadway Cares).

With high levels of repeat purchases among consumers and a growing number of restaurants who have learned about the company through word-of-mouth endorsement, the company is now poised for broader growth.

A Customer Story

Charlie’s Table pasta provides solutions to two distinct, yet intertwined, consumer challenges. First, it allows people who prefer to or must eat gluten-free the same dining experience that other individuals enjoy when they visit their favorite Italian restaurant. Secondly, and equally, if not more meaningful, is that non-gluten- free people also rave about Charlie’s Table, meaning everyone can sit at the same table and similarly enjoy the same meal: (I realize we may be limited to using even just one or one of these testimonials)

  • “I haven't eaten ‘real’ pasta for about 40 years. I was biopsy diagnosed with celiac around 1980 and, while there were times long ago that I cheated, I can't remember ever cheating on pasta. Likely because rice pasta was so terrible back then - and I remember particularly vile potato pasta - I didn't like or eat much pasta for about 20 years…I am now thinking that perhaps I had just forgotten what "real" pasta tasted like!”

  • “While I have no gluten sensitivity whatsoever, I had to compliment you on Charlie's Table pasta.  Tonight we had the last of the three packages you sent (my wife) and I must say that they were the best pasta I have ever had...….gluten versions included!  I don't know what you did to get it to taste that way but there is a clear difference in the texture and each one was incredibly delicious.”

  • A well-known pasta equipment industry insider summed it up when they stated, “I have worked side-by-side with pasta companies throughout my career, building and servicing their machinery on behalf of a very well-respected Italian food equipment manufacturer. I challenge anyone to tell the difference between Charlie’s Table gluten-free pasta and pasta made with semolina. It is an extraordinary product.”

  • A James Beard award winning chef who has been serving Charlie’s Table pasta at his restaurants introduced us to his collaborator on a children’s gluten-free cookbook he is writing saying “Hello guys! Can you please connect. The best gf pasta on earth to (name of editor from very well-known publication) who is working on a gf (gluten-free) kids’ cookbook with me from (name of publication). Thank you so much.”

The Team Culture

David and Bennett both have an entrepreneurial spirit, albeit coming from distinct business backgrounds. Putting a smile on customers’ faces, and that is ultimately the objective of Charlie’s Table, is something David and Bennett have been passionate about throughout their careers. In David’s case that has included creating memorable experiences for audiences producing Broadway shows, and for Bennett that has included building businesses that allow customers to ship items quickly and reliably.

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