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Fetchie: Shoppers’ Trusted Companion for Making Every Dollar Count

What Fetchie does

Fetchie, a personal, smart shopping app, is changing the way consumers save money on their everyday purchases. Through its robust features, including price tracking, comparison, sale alerts, barcode scanning, and local deals exploration, Fetchie delivers a seamless online shopping experience while prioritising user privacy.

The Current Landscape

In today's dynamic market, numerous shopping services are harnessing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to empower online shoppers in saving their hard-earned money, especially in times of economic uncertainty and high inflation rates. Among the key market players, Google Shopping is the biggest competitor by enabling users to search for products and compare prices across various retailers, scouring the internet for the best deals. Other major competitors such as ShopSavvy, CamelCamelCamel, and PayPal Honey also offer an array of features, including price trend analysis, comparison, and sale alerts. Complementing these services are rewards and cashback apps, coupon codes, and deals websites, all contributing to the dynamic landscape of online shopping.

Company Birth Story

Fetchie was founded by CEO Joseph Joy and COO Nivya Saseendran, who have extensive experience in building solutions to automate business processes. Initially, Fetchie offered API services for businesses to monitor competitor price trends. However, the two founders soon realized the need among consumers for real-time pricing information to make better purchasing decisions. Through a lengthy iteration process and experimentation with new technology, in February 2023, the team successfully introduced Fetchie to the market as the ultimate smart shopping companion.

The Solution

Fetchie is an all-in-one shopping app for savvy shoppers, offering the capability to track real-time pricing and compare products across online stores. It also notifies users of price drops, enables them to scan barcodes in physical stores to find better prices, and discovers discounted items in users’ local areas. Fetchie's unique proposition lies in its global accessibility, transcending borders and currencies to provide users with a secure space to manage their shopping journey while protecting their online privacy. Powered by community and crowd-sourcing technology, Fetchie is on its way to becoming the leading e- commerce crowd-sourced marketplace, simplifying the shopping experience by locating users’ favourite items at the best prices. By using Fetchie, users don’t have to navigate multiple stores, saving them precious time when shopping online.

Since its launch in February 2023, Fetchie has acquired over three thousand users worldwide, forming partnerships with renowned brands to offer users irresistible deals. The app's recognition was further solidified when it was selected as one of the finalists among 250 startups in the prestigious "The Pitch" competition hosted by SmartCompany in Sydney in August 2023.

The Fetchie team is pursuing a grand vision, working tirelessly to enhance the platform's capabilities by employing advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyse price trends and comprehend price history. Their ultimate goal is to provide accurate predictions of price drops, empowering online shoppers to make informed purchasing decisions. With Fetchie as a trusted shopping companion, consumers can effortlessly save their money while enjoying an ideal online shopping experience.

A Customer Story

Fetchie’s customer reviews are a testament to the Fetchie team’s commitment and dedication to improving people’s online shopping experience and helping them get the best value for their money. Users have utilized Fetchie to track everything from groceries, appliances, gadgets, books, fashion, to holiday rentals, and even used cars.

Fetchie’s users share:

“I was looking for a microwave for a long time but never had time to keep checking prices than I came across Fetchie, I added the microwave in Fetchie, and when I checked today, price went down 10%, great purchase.”

“This price tracking app has made me a smarter and happier shopper. Thanks to it, I finally got my hands on the Nintendo Switch I've been dreaming of, without breaking the bank.”

The Team Culture

At work, the Fetchie team prioritizes maintaining a safe and empowering environment that encourages open discussion and the sharing of ideas. This atmosphere has led to the generation of innovative ideas and advancements. Fetchie’s team members frequently collaborate, learn from each other, and collectively foster a friendly yet professional environment that promotes growth. The team is culturally and experientially diverse, from the co-founders to developers, designers, and marketers, celebrating and appreciating everyone’s unique contributions. The core team also places a high value on recognizing effort and congratulating everyone on their successes over time.

A founder quote

“At Fetchie, we are building a new shopping companion that assists consumers in staying on top of price changes for products they love at any store, without the need to manually check themselves. The app will “fetch” discounts on saved items, powered by Fetchie’s community database to keep users shopping smarter. I believe in the power of intelligent automation and technology in changing the way we shop. With over a decade's worth of experience in the tech space, focusing on solutions development, I am confident that Fetchie can harness the capabilities of advanced technology to benefit consumers.”

_Joseph Joy – Co-founder and CEO of Fetchie_

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