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Fairmint: making community ownership easy for fast growing startups

What the company does

Fairmint makes community ownership easy for disruptive and fast growing startups. Founders can launch the decentralized portal on their website, allowing contributors to receive tokenized equity in exchange for time or money they invest. Built by founders for founders, their technology leverages blockchain and smart contracts to make equity programmable.

The Current Landscape

Currently, no company is doing what Fairmint is for fast growing web2 and web3 companies. Select enterprise players are sitting at that intersection of funding and ownership, but none quite cover Fairmint's scope. Currently, the startup industry is plagued with predatory practices by traditional lenders and investors. This is a threat to the longevity of disruptive startups. Fairmint is laser-focused on helping founders navigate this noise so they can have more time to focus on building their companies and products by making it easy for their community of supporters to get involved.

Company Birth Story

Joris Delanoue and Thibauld Favre launched Fairmint with a few key terms in mind. Fair (n) + Mint (v) = Fairmint, the fair way to mint value while disrupting the fundraising and IPO process. The next Coinbase or Airbnb could become public on their own website and reward their communities in return. The hottest companies have the best investors going to their website and products daily. Yet, they have to pay millions to banks, stock exchanges and other middlemen before they can offer ownership to their communities. Fairmint prevents this by powering the first global decentralized protocol where founders, investors, and users can access securities, seamlessly and compliantly.

The Solution

The company built a compliant ecosystem that helps web2.0 companies become web3.0 companies by giving them tools to democratize ownership compliantly. With this tech, they help founders tokenize equity and make it completely uniquely programmable.

Ownership in startups used to be logistically difficult and insular, but Fairmint makes it easy and accessible. So far they’ve succeeded with early-stage customers such as Erxes, Hospitable, and Open Grants. As they continue their journey, they look forward to helping more founders build with their communities through their investment platform.

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