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Entrepreneurial Success as a Freedom-Based Business Owner

What Way of the Founder does

In the dynamic world of digital entrepreneurship, Way of the Founder emerges as a beacon for location-independent entrepreneurs seeking freedom from expectations and geographic constraints.

This innovative coaching platform, created by Dina-Marie Weineck, offers a pathway to holistic success by integrating personal growth, spiritual exploration, and business leadership. The blog curated by Way of the Founder provides destination inspiration, strategic support, mindset guidance, and hacks for digital nomads.

The Current Landscape

While numerous coaching platforms and digital nomad communities exist, few offer a comprehensive space where personal growth, entrepreneurship, and community support converge. Way of the Founder fills that gap by providing a holistic approach that integrates strategic business support with deep inner healing, tailored to those that choose to live and work without a permanent base.

Company Birth Story

Dina-Marie's journey to creating Way of the Founder is as inspiring as it is unconventional. Driven by a lifelong quest for purpose and freedom, she abandoned a promising career in the U.S. orchestra industry to become a professionally trained coach, free from societal expectations. As her understanding of freedom evolved, she studied and adopted various business strategies to create a business that aligned with her values and expanded her impact on her clients and community. It’s that lived experience of failing and succeeding as a perpetually traveling entrepreneur that has clarified her mission: to create a movement that supports leaders in building freedom based businesses that are outrageously purpose-aligned, deeply fulfilling, and increasingly impactful.

The Solution

Way of the Founder is more than a coaching platform; it is a movement dedicated to helping individuals forge their own paths to success. Dina-Marie sees Way of the Founder emerge as the leading platform for location independent entrepreneurs who build businesses that are deeply driven by their purpose. With the first Freedom Seekers Community membership launched, Dina-Marie is dedicated to helping founders create a life of freedom, connection, and impact. Way of the Founder is in the midst of building out an array of self-paced courses and in-depth masterminds, accessible at varying price points, that support the location-independent entrepreneur at every step of their journey to holistic success. Way of the Founder will empower millions of entrepreneurs to create multi-faceted lives that blend personal, professional, and financial success.

A Customer Story

The success stories of clients highlight the effectiveness and kindness that informs the approach of Way of the Founder. Following a particularly intense coaching experience facilitated in-person, a Way of the Founder client once described Dina-Marie’s effect as “the rudest gentle awakening she’d ever experienced”. This client found clarity and direction not only in their business, but more transformatively, within their romantic relationship. By realigning their business with their personal values, they achieved not only financial success but also a deeper sense of purpose and joy.

The Team Culture

Dina-Marie encapsulates Way of the Founder's ethos with her belief that 'true success is the ability to craft a life you love, independent of location, filled with purpose and joy’. Her strategic efforts, informed by her entrepreneurship degree, experience in performing arts administration, and professional coaching, have shaped a company that is both personal and impactful.

For those intrigued by this freedom based approach to entrepreneurship, more information can be found at and on Instagram @_wayofthefounder. Here, aspiring entrepreneurs can explore how Way of the Founder can transform their journey and help them craft a life of freedom, connection, and profound impact.

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