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Enhancing Careers with Psychometric Tests: Empower Job Seekers & Employers

What PsychometricTests Does specialises in providing innovative psychometric testing solutions across various industries. Leveraging advanced AI, the platform aids both job seekers and employers by measuring and developing crucial job-related skills.

The Current Landscape

The HR technology market is crowded with competitors, but few offer the depth of psychometric insights combined with the accessibility and user-friendliness that our platforms provide. sets itself apart by offering customised and scientifically validated assessments. Their direct competitors often focus on volume, whereas prioritises precision and adaptability to individual needs.

Company Birth Story

Founded by Guy Thornton after his own challenges with traditional hiring assessments, was born out of a need for fair and detailed career-matching tools. Recognising the gap in adequate assessment tools, Guy established the platform to make sophisticated psychometric tests accessible, helping users navigate their career paths more effectively. Guy’s vision was to democratise access to career advancement tools that were previously only available to large corporations.

The Solution differentiates itself by not only assessing skills but also helping individuals and organisations pinpoint specific areas for development. This approach not only enhances individual career success but also aids organisations in managing talent more effectively, backed by data-driven insights.

A Customer Story

One user was facing the daunting Civil Service interview process, and he utilised our tailored psychometric tests to prepare efficiently and effectively. The platform allowed him to proceed at his own pace, gaining clarity and confidence. His successful entry into the Civil Service underscores how our specific, user-focused approach to preparation can change lives by aligning candidates' strengths with their career aspirations.

The Team Culture

The team at thrives on innovation and collaboration, values ingrained in our remote work model, which was adopted even before the pandemic. This early shift to remote work has fostered a culture of flexibility and self-motivation, with a commitment to data-driven decision-making and a passion for continuous improvement. Our culture is characterised by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a belief in the transformative power of accurate, accessible data, empowering us to support each other and our users more effectively.

A Founder Quote

Guy Thornton often states, "Empowering job seekers with the right tools transforms potential into success." This philosophy is central to the mission of, driving continual innovation in the HR space.

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