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Eco-Friendly Purchases at No Extra Cost with Dyme

What Dyme does

Dyme partners with over 600 gift card brands, 17,000 merchants and two million hotels worldwide. Whenever you buy from the network, Dyme funds solar energy in schools and communities - leading to clean energy and skies, new jobs and cheaper electricity. All at no extra cost to members.

The Current Landscape

To date, it’s been hard for businesses and consumers to support climate change initiatives - products require changing to a different product or paying extra as a “green premium”. That against the backdrop of the majority of American businesses supporting initiatives that reduce the impact of global warming.

Company Birth Story

Dyme was founded to make it possible for everyone to do good without paying extra. Dyme is a venture funded company whose goal is to reduce 1GT of CO2 emissions - all made possible when companies and businesses buy gift cards for friends and family, employee incentives and rewards; shop online or book hotel rooms across the world.

The Solution

There is a common misconception that to make sustainable choices, businesses and consumers need to change what they do and pay extra. Often that is indeed true, but Dyme believes that is possible for everyone to have a positive impact doing what they love doing. When a member of Dyme buys from the network, Dyme gets paid a small discount for buying in bulk (a bit like Costco!) or for distributing a brand’s product. Dyme takes those rebates and commissions and invests its profit in solar projects. Dyme chose solar as it’s primary mechanism of helping drive climate change because it’s technology that is proven, cheap and clean. And alongside climate change benefits, investing in solar infrastructure helps make communities more energy resilient, creates jobs and often is a source of income for the community.

A founder quote

“Our mission is to make every transaction a climate positive one and every company a climate company. Never before have consumers and businesses had the opportunity to have a positive impact in our communities every time they use prepaid gift cards, shop or book hotel rooms. We’re excited to bring this next wave of innovation to the market.” - Sunil Chandra, Founder & CEO, Dyme.Earth

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